Life With a Child With Cochlear Implants (VIDEO)

Moms are awesome. Need proof? Meet Tanna. Her son, Hunter, has severe hearing loss and received cochlear implants to help him hear.

Dealing with the effects of Hunter's severe hearing loss has meant at least biweekly trips back and forth to Nashville from their home two hours away so he can get the therapy he needs. And she doesn't get to just sit in the waiting room and read a magazine...she's right there working with the therapist so she can help him at home as well. Check out what they're doing in this video, after the jump:


Tanna says she knew when she and Hunter's dad decided to get the cochlear implant for Hunter that it would be a big commitment requiring lots of therapy. The cochlear implant is basically a high-tech prosthesis for hearing similar to one that replaces an arm or a leg. It doesn't work exactly like an ear does so Hunter needs to be taught how to process information coming in through his ears.

The implant has allowed Hunter to do well in school, participate on a T-Ball team, and do all the things other children with normal hearing can do, including his twin sister, Hallie.

"You can't put into words how happy I am," Tanna says.

Do you know anyone with a cochlear implant?

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