6 Hilarious Mother's Day ECards to Make Your Mom LOL

Mother's Day ecardAh, Mother's Day. It's that one day of the year when we all (hopefully) stop to think about all our mothers have done for us. Some choose to wax poetically about all of the amazing love and support they have received from their mother over the years, or give tear-inducing recounts of the bond they share or the hurdles they've overcome together. And that's fine, but when it comes to motherhood, sometimes the most appropriate sentiment is laughter.

Especially as a mother myself now, I know that you have to have a sense of humor when it comes to the challenges we face, otherwise, we'd all be locked up somewhere with padded walls. So if your mom is one who likes to see the humor in her role too, here are six awesome eCards (including the hilarious one above about the dumpster) to show her how much you love her and love laughing with her.


This singing baby quartet is pretty adorable, and they dance too.

singing baby quartet

This is one of my favorites, as it allows you to put your mom's face on the animated figure and show her as One Bad Mutha.

Mother's Day ecard

This animated ecard incorporates that saying we've all probably heard our moms say at least once (or 1 million times): "If everyone else jumped off a bridge ... "

Mother's Day ecard

You definitely have to have a mom who's up on her celebrity gossip to get this one, but if you do, this ecard about why you're glad she's not too famous could be for you.

Mother's Day ecard

For the mom who does it all, why not show her that you know what a superhero she really is.


Have you gotten you gotten the moms in your life cards yet? Which ones are your favorites?


Images via someecards, American Greetings, Blue Mountain, 123greetings, JibJab

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