The 10 Most Kid-Friendly Pets

baby with dogHaving pets when you have kids can either be extremely stressful or totally magical complete with adorable photos of baby snuggling with your pup. And of course there is always that uncertain time if your fur baby came first and that fear in wondering if the two will get along. Hopefully they do and you get to take a zillion photos of the cutest little beings in your house. But what if you want to get a furry friend after having kids? How do you know what kind of pet to get?

I personally love a pound pup or rescue kitty. Oftentimes they are so happy to have a good home, they snuggle up and instantly become part of the family. But there are certain breeds that are known to be great with kids. HellaWella shared the details on the best kid-friendly dogs and cats.


The 5 Most Kid-Friendly Dogs

1. Bulldog

This little wrinkly cutie is friendly, loyal, and docile, so it's okay if baby pokes him a little -- he isn't likely to snap.

2. Vizsla

The beautiful pups are quiet and affectionate and they do lots of tricks. Plus they are very protective.

3. Golden Retriever

These sweetie pies are also really smart, but they need lots of exercise so they are great for the active family.

4. Bull Terrier

This is a great breed for rough and tumble kind of kids -- they are friendly and tend to be unfazed by a child tugging on their hair.

5. Newfoundland

They may be big, but the Newfoundland are very gentle, kind creatures who are very protective and easy to train.


The 5 Most Kid-Friendly Cats

1. Birman

These pretty kitties are social but love being lazy. Sounds like a perfect cat when you have a newborn.

2. Ragdoll

The name says it all -- a gentle, ragdoll type of cat who likes to chill out after playing some games.

3. Himalayan

The Himalayan is the perfect indoor cat who does an equal amount of keeping to himself and interacting with the family. 

4. Maine Coon

This beautiful breed is also known for being really calm even in the midst of chaos, and also adapt to the ways of the family they live with.

5. Exotic Shorthair

This cat loves to be loved and will greet you at the door. They are very easy-going and quiet.


Are you thinking about adding a dog or cat to your family? What kind? Do you have a dog or cat on this list? Or another kid-friendly breed or mix?


Image via smoorenburg/Flickr

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