6-Year-Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Baby Brother

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baby handsA mom in California got the surprise of her life earlier this week when she went into early labor and had her water break right there in her living room. But for Destiny Padilla, the realization that she was going to have her baby in her own house wasn't her biggest shock -- because her 6-year-old daughter was the one who stepped up to the plate to help deliver the baby!

Destiny admits being scared because her cellphone battery was dead, so she couldn't call 911 for help right away. The only person there to assist her was her little girl, Nevaeh, who understood her mom's fragile state and immediately started trying to keep her calm. And after the phone charged a bit and they were able to get through to 911 operators, they worked together to make sure the baby was born safely. Nevaeh even helped her mom tie off the umbilical cord!

Being the parent of a 6-year-old myself, I can't even imagine being in that situation.

That little girl must have been so worried about her mother and whether or not she was going to be ok! My first concern if I ever fell into a situation like theirs would be how it would affect my son. I hate to even think about him sitting there in fear, wondering exactly what the heck was going on. And honestly, once he figured it out, I don't think he'd be too keen on jumping into the role of labor & delivery nurse.

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Don't get me wrong -- my son is a pretty amazing little dude. He's smart, funny, and has one heck of a personality -- but he's still a typical little kid. I'm thinking he could probably manage to call for help on the phone or run to a neighbor's house, but the minute he realized that I was about to give birth right in our own living room, I'm pretty sure he'd freak. And he'd probably ask me to move into another part of the house so I wouldn't mess up his Legos. (Priorities.)

But then again, there is a possibility that he'd get the whole adrenaline rush thing going on and put on a brave face, which is probably what happened in Neveah's case. I guess you can't really underestimate the maturity level of a young child who wants to help their parent!

Has your child ever helped you in an unexpected way?


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Maevelyn Maevelyn

Kids handled this stuff for centuries 2 or 3 generations of hospital births don't change DNA. The biggest thing IMO is how the mother acts bc kids pick up on ques. If mom is like "okay this is happening" then the kid will feel empowered to help if she's freaking out and crying, well, you should probably set some money aside for therapy. lol

nonmember avatar Sue

Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards. I think someone was watching from up above. My granddaughters name is Nevaeh and she is almost 6 years old and I honestly could see her doing this if she had to.

Pamela Lea Railey

once I was eating chips with my 7 yr old daughter and my 4 year old son. and I started choking on them.. my daughter acted as if nothing was wrong, however my 4 year old son, appeared very worried and was asking if I was ok..he wouldnt take his eyes off of me. I ended up fine.. Then another time just within the past couple of weeks, I was experience a horrific pain in my lower abdomen. I asked my daughter to big me a really warm cloth so I can set it on me. She did, and she got her cell phone and told me to call her if I needed anything else as she watched her show.. then my son, who just turned 5, kept asking her is mom going to die.. I assured I wouldnt, she kept telling him to watch me..about an hour past I called her cell and ask if she could rewarm my cloth, she did.. then about 30 mins later she asked if I needed anything else, I told her no and thank you. Then she stuff me with $5 bill for taking care of me.. she wrote it up and everything!! I love my kids and so blessed with amazing kids.. so I paid my nill :)

3litt... 3littleLuvBugs

Love the name! And I think this to be an amazing story! How cool is it going to be to tell your younger sibling I helped deliver you in this very living room. What a bond that could give the two. <3

nonmember avatar Cyndi

Our son, then 3 years old, was present for his baby sisters birth in the hospital. The OB kept asking me if I had someone to watch him because it would be too traumatic for him to witness. However, he was present for the whole thing and it wasn't too traumatic. In fact I am sure that it created a closer bond between the two of them. He loves his baby sis so much and is so proud that he was there when she was born. Kids for centuries have been present at births and I think only in recent history have we made it out to be a horrible medical emergency instead of a natural thing that is part of life.

nyonl... nyonlymom

I don't think my daughter could do this.  She's 6 1/2 (STB 7).  She's immature for her age, but smart.  I think she'd freak out, but be able to call her grandmother for help or 911 to tell them Mommy's having the baby.  I didn't scream when I had her in the hospital, but you could tell I was uncomfortable.  I think that's awesome that this little girl stepped in to help deliver her brother or sister.  Hopefully, they'll be close growing up.

jessi... jessicasmom1

WOW Congrats. to Momma and to the big sister.

Rebecca Joseph

When my sixteen yr old daughter had a sezure after getting out of the shower I was making sure she was ok my three yr old son was by the door and I asked him to go get a blanket for sissy he brought her his blanky and even opened the door for the EMT. It goes to show that no matter the age all are a big help in a time of need.

hedge... hedgehog40

I don't think my sons would be able to handle an emergency.   If I was ever in trouble, I'm done for.    I once had to BEG my younger son (he was about 3 or 4) to hold the door for me to walk in the house with an armful of groceries.   I had to coax him and coax him that it was ok for him to open the door - it was just a screen door, nothing heavy or confusing .... but that's the level of help my kids are up to.  ugh.

Water... Water_geM

is it horrible that i thought "oh god she named her kid neveah.what did she name the new arrival?"

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