11 Ridiculous Family Photos That Make Me Laugh

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I have about 5,000 photos on Flickr, which is kind of a mind-blowing amount, considering I only upload like one out of every fifty shots. That means I have—uh, carry the five ... multiply by the ... well, whatever, I have a crap-ton more on my computer. I never delete anything, which is maybe why my laptop sometimes sounds like a rusty bike chain attached to the engine of a 747 that also has an asthmatic donkey stuck inside it.

Anyway, I try and make use of my photos each year by going through and cherry-picking my favorites to use in printed books, but that leaves a lot that I never revisit. Once an image is thoroughly buried in the archives, it's pretty much out of sight, out of mind.

That's why I spent a recent evening digging through old digital images to find some forgotten gems. They weren't photos I considered worthy of including in a memory book, but oh, they make me laugh now. I hope you get a kick out of them too.

My youngest son Dylan when he was first learning to walk. Look at that wide-open mouth and those little pumping limbs—baby mosh pit!


My older son Riley in his first school photo. WTF, right? The freakishly oversized mushrooms! The random pile of leaves! And, of course, the LURKING TURTLE OF DOOM, which he clearly wasn't happy about.

The reason this one cracks me up? That wheelbarrow was totally stationary.

Here's a video that illustrates just how obsessed my youngest used to be with horses:


Oh, my sweet old dog, may she rest in peace. Does it not look like she waited until everyone was distracted, then snuck over to the camera to take a self-portrait for her MySpace page?


You're going to think I'm a massive asshole for finding this so funny, but my kids had just tried to hug and ended up bonking heads. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! (They were fine. I swear.)


Thanks for the photobomb, Riley.


Same kid, several years earlier. I love how the badassery of his expression is totally negated by his teensy little folded ear.


I just think this one's so hilarious. YAYYYYYYYYYY BEADS!


Giant radioactive mutant toddler vents fury, destroys village.

Last but not least: the time we made our baby into Nannerpus.

What are your favorite oddball family photos/videos?

Images via Linda Sharps


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NatAndCo NatAndCo

I'm a big believer in laughing at kids. Sounds horrible but its true. I feel a tad mean when one of them is whining and has this ridiculous pouty face and instead of comforting him immediately I snap a few shots. Mean? Maybe a little, but I look forward to teasing him with it when he gets older. Still mean isn't it? Oh well...

ayers ayers

My DH says he feels sorry for the poor asthmatic donkey!

Jenna... JennaPBug

those kids are adorable! Kinda makes me think I'm not taking enough pictures cause ALL of mine make it to the flash drive (for future printing and photobooking). From birth to 17 month I only have maybe 200..


junecat junecat

I actually have two old desktops stored away upstairs that have thousands and thousands of photos that I cannot access because my computers crashed on me.  I refuse to throw them out and my husband keeps yelling at me to get rid of them....but they're MY PHOTOS !!!   I know I can't see them, but I know they are there!

jrphelps jrphelps

I can NOT quit laughing @ the Nannerpus video!!!

nonmember avatar kate

Linda, I look through these photos and remember most of them from your blog. Its like revisiting an old funny memory. The internet is so weirdly awesome that I can feel connected to your family pics, but I do ( I have 2 boys about the same age). Thanks for sharing part of your life with us Linda. I am reading and most often laughing along. Cheers!

Rissmama Rissmama

Awwwww they r too cute!! Deff funny pics I have taken a few melt down pics and hey my daughter laughed when she seen the funny face she maked when she crys and shes 9 lol

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