Dad's Horrifying Undercover Recordings Catch Teachers Bullying His Autistic Son (VIDEO)

Stuart ChaifetzStuart Chaifetz said he knew something was wrong when his 10-year-old son Akian started acting out school. Akian has autism, but had always been "sweet and non-violent." So when things took a turn, his dad said he wanted to find out why.

When meetings with school officials at his Cherry Hill, N.J., school and therapists failed, he took action into his own hands. He wired Aikan and sent him to school. The six hours of audio he recorded confirmed his worst fears.  

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He says his son was "verbally tormented and humiliated" and he's launched an aggressive campaign online to bring awareness to the case. In a 17-minute YouTube video, he outlines just what happened and plays some of damning audio clips. From one of the teachers calling Akian a "bastard" to the yelling and demeaning tone of voice they use toward the children, it's pretty tough to hear.

After taking the tape to the school board, one aide was fired, but the two others heard on the tape (an aide and a teacher) were not. He doesn't think that's good enough and has started an online petition for their dismissal and the dismissal of any teacher who treats children in such a manner.

No child should have to suffer humiliation at the hands of the people who are supposed to protect them. When a teacher bullies a child, especially one with Special Needs, they need to be immediately fired. No excuses. No second chances. No more teacher/bullies.

Sadly bullying is a major problem for autistic children (one recent study found that 63 percent report having been bullied), so when teachers -- who are supposed to care for and nurture students -- add to the pain, it's unthinkable. But clearly, based on this and plenty of other examples we see, it happens. Bravo to Stuart Chaifetz for taking such aggressive action to help stop it.

He doesn't want money; he says he's not going to file a lawsuit. He simply wants to reclaim some of his son's dignity and stop teachers from bullying some of the most vulnerable students. Who can argue with that?

Do you find this dad's actions brave? Are you outraged over the audio he caught and the way his son was treated?


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libby261 libby261

I'm saddend by what this family has gone through.  Although he does not want to sue, he will probably have to in the end to make sure that teacher is removed once and for all.  There is absolutely no excuse in this school district keeping abusive teachers on staff.  Just moving them to another school, simply puts other children at risk to suffer the same abuse.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I am so sick of reading these stories about these families who are being tortured by the educational system. Between the bully teachers and students it is seemingly a no-win situation. Until the parents start taking a stand, this issue will not change. I want to know why these teachers and students are not being held accountable. Bullying is a life changing issue for children. It is time to take the schools back and instill some order.

nonmember avatar Gretta

HELLO?!? Haven't we had ENOUGH of shuffling abusers to another school... chuch... place?


this makes me fightin mad just the little girl in kindergarden made to set in her on poop for 15 mins while class took test nothing was done to that teacher   angry

nonmember avatar Lilac

Contact a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Even if it doesn't go to trial the thought of the school board having to deny those clips and explain why they didn't help before you took the audio and why the teachers were not fired after would be so bad they who school board could risk government action/ intervention i.e. them all being fired.

nonmember avatar Christie

This is an OUTRAGE~!!!!!

Every adult in that room when this happened should be FIRED NOW!!!!!

I feel so bad for that poor little boy and his father, and all of the kids in the room and their families. Those pigs that call themselves teachers deserve to BURN for what they did to those poor children. Autistic children are so sweet and innocent how dare those disgusting people treat them like that all those children want is love and all they should ever get is love. How can you be around an autistic child and not want to love and help them? Those women must be sociopaths because no person in their right mind would ever treat a child that way.

miche... micheledo

Good luck with getting the teacher fired.  I hear that is almost impossible.

lovee598 lovee598

Bullying needs to be stopped it is out of control. Teachers and school personal need to take a more important and caring role in this. To many of our children are being abused. People and government need  to get more involved.

bills... billsfan1104

This is bad, but what I want to know is if the other teachers heard on the tape, were in fact proven to be them? Because if they didnt prove it, then he cant do anything. I feel bad, but unfortunetly the teachers need to protect themselves from parents that could potentially sue or go after them.

NoWhe... NoWhereWOFamily

My niece came to live with me after parental problems that were no fault of her own. She was put in situations not 14-15 or 16 year should have to deal with. She also missed half a year of school - when I put her into the school in my district (which is highly regarded) she was ostrisized bu some of the teachers and the school did nothing to make sure she was caught up and able to finish the work. We did as much as we could at home but we also missed the first part if the semester and were lost as well. We are going to do homeschooling next year and get caught up. She failed 2 classes and what did they expects 2 teachers didn't give a damn about helping her and 2 other pretty much flat out didn't like her because of were she came from and her past. Sadly she made some bad decisions but she was also doing her best to survive. I wasn't happy with the schools performance and I always swore we would stay in this district becuase we moved her just for the schools but now I am not so sure I feel the system failed my nieve.

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