The Surprising Reason Boys Hate Pink (VIDEO)

baby with pink hatGirl or boy?

It starts the minute a baby is born....a pink blanket for a girl, a blue blanket for a boy. If you find out the sex of your baby before birth, it actually starts earlier....your baby shower will be a sea of pastel pinks or baby blues.

People really don't know what to do with themselves if you don't obey the "rule."


Until my daughter was about two, she was bald as a cue ball. She also has gorgeous, huge blue eyes with very thick, long eyelashes, so I would dress her in a lot of blue to set them off. And we're not talking Detroit Lions jerseys and overalls, here....these were blue peasant shirts, flowered dresses, jackets trimmed with fake fur around the hood, etc. Invariably, some well-meaning, nice old lady would say, "Oh, he is a handsome one! What is his name?" When I had to answer with her (very female) first name, most of them would be nice and apologize, but a few would be all "but...but....she's in blue."

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It wasn't always this way.

In this week's edition of "Your Kid Asked What?" the smart folks at Cafemom Studios delve into the history of colors for children. As it turns out, all children used to wear one color: White. It denoted children's innocence and purity and more to the point, it could be bleached when it inevitably got stained. Watch the video to learn the surprising history of the pink or blue symbolism.

Do you let your kids wear the "other" color?

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