Boy Raises $10K for Dad's Cancer Treatments With Lemonade Stand (VIDEO)

Drew CoxSetting up a lemonade stand is something almost every American kid does at one time or another. It's usually more work for mom and dad than anything; and while they may bring in a few bucks from kind neighbors, the amount they spill and drink usually trumps that. For a boy in Texas, however, the experience was much different.

Drew Cox, 6, wanted to do something to help his father feel better after he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. "He is so important to me, we love to play with each other," he told KLTV. So he quite literally turned lemons into lemonade, and set up shop in front of his house and sold it for 25 cents a glass.

What happened next was amazing.


As more and more cars drove by and saw his sign that read "Please Help My Dad," word spread. Soon droves of people from the community and towns as far as 70 miles away came out to help support the family and buy the lemonade. One person even wrote a check for $5,000 for a glass.

In all, he raised $10,000 to help pay for his father's medical bills.

It's such an amazing and heartwarming story of a community coming together to help a family in need. I know how isolating and terrifying such a diagnosis can feel, so to see that so many care and want to help them pay their bills is incredible, and the family is immensely grateful. All because of the sweet love of a boy for his father.

Most of all, I think of what an incredible experience this was for Drew. When children's parents face terminal illness it's got be to terrifying and make them feel so powerless that they can't do anything to help. To see Drew actually find a way to do so surely helped him cope in many ways as much as it did his family. Best wishes to them all.

Has your child ever faced the serious illness of an important adult in their life? How did he or she cope? 


Image via KLTV

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