A Bittersweet Reminder of How Quickly Our Children Grow (VIDEO)

Feist Bittersweet MelodiesEven if you're not a fan of Indie singer Feist, the powerful new video for her song "Bittersweet Melodies" is worth a watch, especially for parents. It provides a stark reminder that no matter how difficult and long (oh so very long sometimes) our days with our children may be, they really do pass quickly.

In the video she uses photographs from Irina Werning in which she has taken pictures from people's childhoods, then recreated the scene in adulthood. The result of them displayed side-by-side is an amazingly powerful look at just how quickly our children grow.

Some of the images are a bit startling, and there's a little bit of nudity, so be careful who's watching over your shoulder, but overall, it's incredible.


Sniff. It's one of the most overused sayings in the world: "I can't believe how big he/she/they have gotten." And there's the ever-present echoing of "I can't believe how time flies," but they're true.

Blogger Glennon Melton made a huge connection with moms when she wrote a post titled "Don't Carpe Diem." In it, she talked about how difficult parenting is and how when older women in grocery stores say things like, “Oh- Enjoy every moment. This time goes by so fast,” that that's a huge crock. She said it makes her "paranoid and panicky" to be told to enjoy every minute when it's pretty much impossible to when it comes to children.

I nodded my head along with the rest of the Web, because she's right -- for all the good minutes of motherhood, plenty flat out suck. But I also didn't nod too strongly, because frankly, I appreciate those words of wisdom from those old ladies.

No, there's no way we actually can enjoy every minute of raising our children (and if you've met my strong-willed daughter you know this is true), but damn we should try. So like those reminders from the old ladies, this video is just another little reminder I need sometimes while said daughter is screaming on her back in the middle of a grocery aisle or refusing to wear any of the 1,000 dresses in closet because none is just right -- a reminder that this will pass ... and I'm going to miss it.

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