Kids Ask the Craziest Questions -- And Now You Can Get the Answers! (VIDEO)


Question KidIt's the lament for the ages. Why are our kids always asking why? Honestly, we can't answer that (well we can, but that would take too long). But CafeMom Studios has done one better. They have the answers to their questions.

That's right. There's a new YouTube show called Your Kids Asked What?!? because we have all been there, standing in the grocery store, when the kid asks something so off the wall, out of the blue, out in left field, that you are left looking like a fish with that flopping chin. You don't have to be that mom anymore.

Just wait until you get a load of the question that spurred their first episode. Hint: what functions fascinate kids like none others?

If you guessed bodily ones, well, duh. You have kids. Poop and pee are the name of the game (and if you don't believe me, maybe a look at what parents confess to have Googled to answer their kids' questions will help you!). So, without further ado, how do astronauts go to the bathroom in space:

Oh. Thank goodness. Now I know! And you're bookmarking this one for when this question comes, aren't you? I can do you one better -- you can subscribe to the video feed so you have a steady roll of answers for their crazy questions.

What is the craziest one your kids have come up with?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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the4m... the4mutts

My son asked a very intelligent question while in the dr office, waiting on an xray for his broken arm.

He said, mom, I know how bees make honey, but how do they make their houses? You know, the stuff that holds the honey?

So, I pulled out ye-olde samsung galaxy, googled it, gave him the answer, and we were all satisfied, knowing how bees make beeswax :)

Lynn K. Fletcher

Ummm, does anyone else feel like the 'astronaut' comes off as super pervy?  Is it just me?  The whole 'shower scene' thing seemed gross.

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