4 Least Messy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

easter eggsEvery year, I dread Easter. Not because of the chocolate or even the jellybeans (nom, nom, nom). It's cleaning up after the whole Easter egg dyeing process that just sucks the fun out of the holiday for me. But 2012 is going to be the mess-free Easter for me!

That's right. None of that old-fashioned dippin' and dyein'. I am going full-on, easy, breezy drip-free egg decorating. Care to join me? Here's the plan!


1. Stickers. The kid likes to put them on the doors. And the walls. And the toilet. So gosh darnit, we're going to use them in an appropriate place this holiday!

2. Silk ties. This is an oldie but a goodie taught to me by an older woman in my community, and a certain home-making maven approves (ahem, rhymes with Bartha Pewart). Best part, folks? There are no paints. Repeat after me: no paints. Yeah, you're sold too, aren't you? We have the whole process, step by step!

3. Markers. What do you mean you don't have any of these? You have a child, do you not? Good. So listen to me: these are amaaaazing. On pumpkins. On eggs. On anything but the wall of my hallway where a certain child has written her name (so glad the nursery school teachers shared that little gem).

4. Glue and glitter. Seriously, people, how did I not think of this before? I have a 6-year-old daughter who does not think there is anything that cannot be improved with glitter (well, she's kind of right). So you take that hard-boiled egg, you roll it in glue, then you roll it in glitter and ... voila! Genius! Not "totally" mess-free, but glitter is a lot easier to sweep up than food dye, right?

What's your mess-free Easter trick?


Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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