Latest 'Accidental' Shooting Confirms People With Guns Shouldn't Have Kids

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little girl jumping on bedWTF is going on? Yet another gun has discharged and accidentally shot a child. It seems to be an epidemic lately. It’s not bad enough we have to wait for some kid or some psycho to steal the family gun and purposely go on a shooting rampage, now we have to worry about guns just randomly discharging and killing our kids! When will people learn to keep their firearms locked up away from children?

Jarquise Upton of Chicago had a gun hidden between the mattresses of the bed. Mr. Upton’s girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter (whew that’s a mouthful) was jumping on the bed when the gun discharged, shooting the 5-year-old in the ankle. It could have been much worse. It could have shot her in the head.

When Mr.Upton was taken into custody he told the cops he kept the gun as "protection from my girl’s baby daddy who messes with me.” I’m guessing shooting Mr. Baby Daddy’s daughter in the ankle is not going to make for a very happy ex baby daddy. Perhaps, Mr.Upton should invest in some karate classes?

When will people learn to keep their guns locked up safely in lock boxes? If you are a parent and you can’t handle your gun responsibly, then perhaps you either shouldn't have the gun or shouldn't have the kids; your choice. Just choose where your priorities are already.

I know all of my gun-carrying friends will argue that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and I agree. Stupid irresponsible people, who bear arms, kill people. I understand you've got a hard-on for your right to bear arms. I get that. But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test before we pass out guns to random people off the street.

There are people who use guns responsibly; to hunt and protect themselves. These are also probably the same people who respect the power of a gun, who keep their guns locked up tight and teach their kids proper gun safety. These are not the stupid irresponsible people to whom I am referring.

Speaking of safety, why wasn't the safety on? Jumping on the bed is pretty risky business on its own -- where were the parents? Poor kid, she probably never knew what hit her. I bet she’ll never jump on the bed again. Now, if we could only convince her mother to learn her lesson.

Do you think the right to bear arms entitles you to keep a loaded weapon within children's reach?

Image via Downing.Amanda /Flickr

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mich.... mich.el.le

You shouldn't speak on things you obviously know so little (and are already so bias) about.

Rachel Dowling

Honestly, your title is arrogant and misleading.  My partner is a hunter, and grew up hunting. He has hunting guns.  We are also devoted and loving parents to our two year old son, whom I won't even let play with toy guns. I think the violence some kids are permitted to watch on t.v. and in video games does a lot more harm desensitizing kids to violence than the majority of gun owners who know full well the power and gravity of what they possess,  and don't flash them around in front of their kids, but store them safely and responsibly. I have a strong aversion to guns myself, perhaps because I grew up in the city, and I don't always love that my husband is a hunter. But it's a deep part of who he is, and I have learned a great deal about hunters, knowing him. Many actually have a tremendous reverence and respect for animals, and for nature, and they aren't the trigger happy fools they are often portrayed as. Anyway, as a devoted and attentive liberal minded stay-at-home mom, your assertion that gun owners shouldn't have kids feels like a real slap in the face.  Generalizing is never a good idea, but it sure will get your blog a lot of views, won't it? Some people have no compunction about whom they are throwing under the bus in their efforts to get attention.

nonmember avatar jackie

here is more propaganda to have people believe that guns are bad. wake up people! tyrannical governments can only prosper when the people are unarmed.

Todd Vrancic

The place for a gun is not between the mattresses and box springs and it should not be kept loaded.  I.Q. tests would not help because there are many brilliant people who have no common sense, which, now that I mention it, is actually far from common.

Brandy Smith

Every responsible gun owner knows NOT to leave a bullet in the chamber!!! Have your weapon/clip loaded, safety on, fine. But bottom line: kids or no kids, protecting yourself or your property, threatened or at peace, hunting or skeet shooting, gang member, police officer, military, or Joe/Jane Citizen - NO BULLET IN THE EFFIN CHAMBER!!! And, a background check is just another way for the federal government to siphon more money out of law-abiding tax-paying citizens. It needs to be replaced with an IQ Test - FREE for those who pass & an IDIOT fine for those who don't!

nonmember avatar Alex

Or don't date women with kids. Funny how that is not proposed.

nonmember avatar Alex

"But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test before we pass out guns to random people off the street."

Guns are not passed out.

And will you propose this same test for those who have children and for those allowed to vote?

Natalie Cole Watson

I agree that the title is on the misleading side and should have been called something else.  But, after reading the article it becomes clear it isn't stating that parents SHOULDN'T have guns.  We have a couple of handguns for protection that are both locked up tightly in a gun safe and we have 2 little girls.  To have a loaded gun underneath the mattress or anywhere OUTSIDE a gun safe is plain stupidity and irresponsible.  I'm sad for all the children who live in homes such as this one.  God protect these children and put some damn sense into these adults!!

Jespren Jespren

"The rights of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed". Exactly what part of that is difficult to understand?

Kids get hurt with knives too, maybe people who own steak knives shouldn't have kids. Or book shelves. There are more bookshelf related injuries every year in the 'kid' crowd than gun related ones, maybe people who own books shouldn't have kids.

nonmember avatar EOS1972

I agree that this article has an extremely misleading and damaging title. I live in a home with several guns and children. The guns are registered and locked in a proper unreachable gun safe. The ammunition is also locked away in a separate unreachable safe. My kids have been taught to respect a gun and to practice gun safety which all responsible gun owners do. It is irresponsible of YOU to title an article with such a generalization only to go on to explain that's not entirely how you feel after reading it in its entirely.

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