Latest 'Accidental' Shooting Confirms People With Guns Shouldn't Have Kids

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little girl jumping on bedWTF is going on? Yet another gun has discharged and accidentally shot a child. It seems to be an epidemic lately. It’s not bad enough we have to wait for some kid or some psycho to steal the family gun and purposely go on a shooting rampage, now we have to worry about guns just randomly discharging and killing our kids! When will people learn to keep their firearms locked up away from children?

Jarquise Upton of Chicago had a gun hidden between the mattresses of the bed. Mr. Upton’s girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter (whew that’s a mouthful) was jumping on the bed when the gun discharged, shooting the 5-year-old in the ankle. It could have been much worse. It could have shot her in the head.

When Mr.Upton was taken into custody he told the cops he kept the gun as "protection from my girl’s baby daddy who messes with me.” I’m guessing shooting Mr. Baby Daddy’s daughter in the ankle is not going to make for a very happy ex baby daddy. Perhaps, Mr.Upton should invest in some karate classes?

When will people learn to keep their guns locked up safely in lock boxes? If you are a parent and you can’t handle your gun responsibly, then perhaps you either shouldn't have the gun or shouldn't have the kids; your choice. Just choose where your priorities are already.

I know all of my gun-carrying friends will argue that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and I agree. Stupid irresponsible people, who bear arms, kill people. I understand you've got a hard-on for your right to bear arms. I get that. But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test before we pass out guns to random people off the street.

There are people who use guns responsibly; to hunt and protect themselves. These are also probably the same people who respect the power of a gun, who keep their guns locked up tight and teach their kids proper gun safety. These are not the stupid irresponsible people to whom I am referring.

Speaking of safety, why wasn't the safety on? Jumping on the bed is pretty risky business on its own -- where were the parents? Poor kid, she probably never knew what hit her. I bet she’ll never jump on the bed again. Now, if we could only convince her mother to learn her lesson.

Do you think the right to bear arms entitles you to keep a loaded weapon within children's reach?

Image via Downing.Amanda /Flickr

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meng3 meng3

The thing is, I actually agree with some of what you say. Gun owners have to be responsible. But to suggest with your title that people with guns should not have kids is irresponsible "journalism", if that's what yuu'd like to call this. The leftie types that don't like the rights our Constitution affords us should feel free to move to a less free country where only the criminals have guns.

Jaime Swift Sundin

The writer of this artice is an a moron.  The title is proof of that.

Benja... Benjamins-mama

CORRECTION:  irresponsible people with guns shouldn't have guns or kids.     a responsible person has a safe for the gun or has a gun lock or both.  its very insulting to say a person with a gun shouldn't have kids.   you just have to keep it locked up and keep ammo seperate and out of reach.

Heather Ford

I agree with a lot of the commenters that this is insulting to gunowners who have children. I proudly own a gun, but it is NEVER loaded and it NEVER in reach of our children. We keep the ammo is a seperate place and our weapon is hidden. People need to stop being idiots, what do you expect when you leave a loaded gun underneath a mattress with a small child bouncing around? America was founded on freedom and these days we are seeing less and less freedom. Don't be ignorant, let us American's have our freedoms!

blond... blondtwiggy

I'm sorry but we have MANY guns in our home it's called IRRESPONSIBLE parents. And we Don't put a gun under our mattress or any where else for our child to get a hold of it. We have a gun cabinet a large one with a key that's locked at all times with the key put away for the child NOT to get ahold of it.. Some people shouldn't have guns or have children period.

nonmember avatar Mel

WOW that title is IGNORANT!! I think it should read IDIOTS with guns shouldn't have kids! We have several guns and two kids, my children are both aware of the dangers of guns and the guns are kept unloaded in a safe place the ammo is elsewhere in the house. If the parents are any kind of parents they would TEACH their children and keep the guns locked up this is NOT a gun control issue and how dare you try to turn it into one, its a tragedy that COULD of been prevented by some RESPONSIBLE parenting!!! Children are curious by nature and as parents and gun owners its the parents responsiblity too teach their children about gun safety.

Mommy... MommytoIsabella

People that are writing about a little girl being shot in the ankle, and make a joke in the middle of a sentence, shouldn't write blogs...or posts...or maybe they just shouldn't write. While I agree with most of this post, your title makes you look like a jerk. Or maybe you just are.

MrsKi... MrsKillpeople

Sensational titling to your blogs need work. Most of us that are on here subscribe to this site, hell, sometimes we share blogs too. We enjoy getting news from another person, but we do not enjoy getting insulted. I grew up in a house that has guns, and my children will as well. I like to think this was ignorance talking and not how you really feel? Not all of us who are gun owners are stupid, but thanks for the vote of confidence. Any moron who grew up with guns know you keep the gun and the ammo separate, and you check the chamber before you clean it and put it up again. Common sense is not so common it seems. That being said, I should not have to take a competency test to make you feel better about ME owning a gun.

Allison N Zowie DeutschReed

Thought it was always supposed to be, keep the gun hidden up high and NOt loaded and the ammo in a seperate hiding place, thing is if you have children I really feel that pretty much takes parents rights to have a weapon in the house its just NOT SAFE!!

Miyu Shira

I guess I'm in the minority here... I happen to think its a fine article.  I mean yes the title could be considered misleading, but the point that was being made with the article is that any idiot now a days can get a gun... I'm not disputing the right to bear arms.  I am not a fan of guns true, but that doesn't mean that I think intelligent, responsible people shouldn't be able to own them.

What I don't understand is-- how effective are they in a home invasion when the guns and ammo are locked up, not loaded?  Oh excuse me mr robber man... give me a minute to unlock my gun safe, unlock my ammo and load my gun, then you can commence with the home invasion, okay?

Give me a good old baseball bat.  Don't need a permit for it, don't have to lock it up and it makes a very effective weapon.

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