Latest 'Accidental' Shooting Confirms People With Guns Shouldn't Have Kids

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little girl jumping on bedWTF is going on? Yet another gun has discharged and accidentally shot a child. It seems to be an epidemic lately. It’s not bad enough we have to wait for some kid or some psycho to steal the family gun and purposely go on a shooting rampage, now we have to worry about guns just randomly discharging and killing our kids! When will people learn to keep their firearms locked up away from children?

Jarquise Upton of Chicago had a gun hidden between the mattresses of the bed. Mr. Upton’s girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter (whew that’s a mouthful) was jumping on the bed when the gun discharged, shooting the 5-year-old in the ankle. It could have been much worse. It could have shot her in the head.

When Mr.Upton was taken into custody he told the cops he kept the gun as "protection from my girl’s baby daddy who messes with me.” I’m guessing shooting Mr. Baby Daddy’s daughter in the ankle is not going to make for a very happy ex baby daddy. Perhaps, Mr.Upton should invest in some karate classes?

When will people learn to keep their guns locked up safely in lock boxes? If you are a parent and you can’t handle your gun responsibly, then perhaps you either shouldn't have the gun or shouldn't have the kids; your choice. Just choose where your priorities are already.

I know all of my gun-carrying friends will argue that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and I agree. Stupid irresponsible people, who bear arms, kill people. I understand you've got a hard-on for your right to bear arms. I get that. But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test before we pass out guns to random people off the street.

There are people who use guns responsibly; to hunt and protect themselves. These are also probably the same people who respect the power of a gun, who keep their guns locked up tight and teach their kids proper gun safety. These are not the stupid irresponsible people to whom I am referring.

Speaking of safety, why wasn't the safety on? Jumping on the bed is pretty risky business on its own -- where were the parents? Poor kid, she probably never knew what hit her. I bet she’ll never jump on the bed again. Now, if we could only convince her mother to learn her lesson.

Do you think the right to bear arms entitles you to keep a loaded weapon within children's reach?

Image via Downing.Amanda /Flickr

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smoki... smokinsupermom

Where im from you dont hear this happening. By law we're required to have our guns locked and of course unloaded (DUH???) in fully enclosed safe and that I mean no glass at all with the ammunition stored separately in a locked container. Because we are smart and careful our kids do not and will not have access to any of it until they pass training. Its about people being careless that sad things like this happen.

there... theresaphilly

I have guns (four) and I have children and I have daycare children in my home. Yes the parent's know about the fire arms, they have them also. My husband and I believe in, protecting our family and those who we invite in it, by any means necessary. 

mrsjo... mrsjoohee

Yes the title polarizes people without even getting into the story!

zandh... zandhmom2

But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test.  I think the same thing should imply to becoming parents and being a blog writer.

Mrs.P... Mrs.Price_87

No this doesn't confirm that people that own guns shouldn't have children. It confirms that idiots shouldn't own guns, why would someone hide a gun under a mattress knowing there is a five year old in the home that could possibly jump on that bed. Gun owners need to be one step ahead when thinking about the safety and responsibility. We own several guns the big ones are left locked up without bullets in a gun cabinet. Our hand guns have safety on them and are left with the magazine out of them, where our children can't reach them. Our children are educated to the best of their knowledge about gun safety.

bills... billsfan1104

Bwahhhhahhhahhaahh zand. Great point.

nonmember avatar Ziggy

Lots of people in general should not have kids.

Damned little "random" about this discharge.

JDeloe JDeloe

Your title is misleading and hurtful. I have a 3 year old and 5 GUNS. All kept safely put away empty. I do keep a round or two for the shotgun close by but never loaded and i even treat an unloaded gun as a loaded gun. I agree with the article but you need to start thinking twice about what you title your articles. Oh, and "a hard-on for the right to bear arms" comment is unnecessary; even though I know you have a "hard-on" for your right to free speech.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I am not a fan of guns but do know people who hunt, keep the guns locked up SEPERATLY from the ammunition. You would need a key or a code. Not in our house cause we have no guns. This was just irresponsible.

nonmember avatar Christie

@Katie Hesney Johnson .... THANK YOU!!!!

I was fuming when I read the title of the article....people who own guns SHOULD have children....STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE people who own guns shouldn't.

How dare you insult all of the responsible gun owners by comparing us to idiots who leave their toddlers alone in a car with a loaded gun (with or without the safety on ... doesn't matter) toddlers alone = danger DUH!!! and idiots who leave loaded guns under their mattresses (again with or without the safety doesn't matter shouldn't be loaded under there).

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