Latest 'Accidental' Shooting Confirms People With Guns Shouldn't Have Kids

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little girl jumping on bedWTF is going on? Yet another gun has discharged and accidentally shot a child. It seems to be an epidemic lately. It’s not bad enough we have to wait for some kid or some psycho to steal the family gun and purposely go on a shooting rampage, now we have to worry about guns just randomly discharging and killing our kids! When will people learn to keep their firearms locked up away from children?

Jarquise Upton of Chicago had a gun hidden between the mattresses of the bed. Mr. Upton’s girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter (whew that’s a mouthful) was jumping on the bed when the gun discharged, shooting the 5-year-old in the ankle. It could have been much worse. It could have shot her in the head.

When Mr.Upton was taken into custody he told the cops he kept the gun as "protection from my girl’s baby daddy who messes with me.” I’m guessing shooting Mr. Baby Daddy’s daughter in the ankle is not going to make for a very happy ex baby daddy. Perhaps, Mr.Upton should invest in some karate classes?

When will people learn to keep their guns locked up safely in lock boxes? If you are a parent and you can’t handle your gun responsibly, then perhaps you either shouldn't have the gun or shouldn't have the kids; your choice. Just choose where your priorities are already.

I know all of my gun-carrying friends will argue that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and I agree. Stupid irresponsible people, who bear arms, kill people. I understand you've got a hard-on for your right to bear arms. I get that. But maybe there should be an IQ test, a responsibility test of some sort and definitely a psychological test before we pass out guns to random people off the street.

There are people who use guns responsibly; to hunt and protect themselves. These are also probably the same people who respect the power of a gun, who keep their guns locked up tight and teach their kids proper gun safety. These are not the stupid irresponsible people to whom I am referring.

Speaking of safety, why wasn't the safety on? Jumping on the bed is pretty risky business on its own -- where were the parents? Poor kid, she probably never knew what hit her. I bet she’ll never jump on the bed again. Now, if we could only convince her mother to learn her lesson.

Do you think the right to bear arms entitles you to keep a loaded weapon within children's reach?

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Katie Hesney Johnson

The title of this article is very insulting. IRRESPONSIBLE people with guns should not have children. The majority of gun owners are very responsible. We have a gun safe tucked wayyyyy up high where our two year old can't get a hold of it. Keeping your unregistered firearm, in a mattress where the child clearly has plenty access, is totally irresponsible. I hope they throw the book at him. 

But I do agree with you on one point: maybe he will consider some karate classes. And if he feels so harassed, maybe get a TRO. What an IDIOT. 

nonmember avatar NoName

Wth?! How heavy was this kid? Modern firearms don't just go off like that. I have plenty of guns and even as safe as I am I can honestly say I have dropped a loaded gun. I gasped and prepared for the worst but nothing, no bang at all. There has to be more to the story than this, almost certain this isn't the whole truth on this one.

Melis... Melissa042807

I think people need to not be IDIOTS. We have guns. And kids. And our guns are stored SAFELY. Duh, people! It's not that difficult! 

firee... fireeyes81

I think your title is idiotic.  I am a proud gun owner and a law abiding licensed concealed carring citizen.  Police officers have guns, military personnel have guns and citizens who believe in the constitution and their right to bear arms have guns, not just lunatics so you can get off your high horse that obviously has no knowledge about responsible gun keeping.  A gun SAVED my life.  I am very PRO-gun and I also keep my guns away from my child.  

People who don't put their guns away and out of the reach of their children are idiots.  Not all gun owners, get it right or don't bother to report about it.

nonmember avatar Connie

Oh, shove it. Plenty of people own guns while raising children without a single unsafe incident occurring. In fact, I've potentially saved my baby's life before by using my gun to scare an armed would-be robber into running away -- something I wouldn't have been able to do by following in your footsteps and brandishing my moral superiority.

momto... momtolittleg

I agree with you 100%.  It makes me sick to think of kids hurt and killed because their parents are idiots and can't be responsible with their guns.  There seems to be no good way to ensure that parents who own guns are doing it the right way.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

This is absolutely tragic, but I don't think additional gun control is the answer. Millions of households with children have guns, and the overwhelming majority are safe and responsible. One child's death is one too many, but the answer isn't punishing responsible gun owners, its increased education and promoting a safer gun culture.

nonmember avatar len

No, it confirms idiots shouldn't have guns. There are plenty of people with common sense who can do both just fine. It's called a gunsafe, this child was hurt because of a stupid adult who kept a loaded gun under a bed, not locked up like it should be.

Eques... EquestrianMom

Perhaps a better title for this article is Idiots should not own Guns Or Have CHILDREN! 

 We have guns, both for hunting and for protection. We keep both the ammo and the guns locked up seperately, where my 5 yr old cannot reach them. DUH! 

bills... billsfan1104

My sister saved her life and the life of her five kids, when someone was banging on her door trying to get in, while her husband was deployed. So yo can kiss our ass.

This guy was an idiot. And he was an unsafe gun owner.

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