Fox News Reporter is No Match for Smart 6-Year-Old Spelling Bee Champ (VIDEO)

spelling bee girlThere's nothing I like to see more than a confident little girl, especially because there are still, inexplicably, people who make t-shirts for little girls about how math is too hard for them and homework too boring. I doubt 6-year-old Lori Anne Madison would ever deign to be seen in such a sham of a shirt. Nope, the youngest student ever to qualify for the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee wears her smarts with pride, and refuses to suffer fools gladly. Even if they are grown-up news reporters who happen to be on camera at the time.


Hey, FOX 5 reporter Paul Raphel probably should have known better than to challenge a child who is obviously a spelling genius. Maybe he thought little Lori would go easy on him, since they were on TV and all ... nah. Just watch!

I don't know this kid, but I'm so proud of her. This girl will never play down her brainpower for fear of intimidating some boy. She's already learned how great it feels to be herself and be her best. You go, GIRL!

Do you think this reporter knew what he was up against?

Image via huffingtonpost

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