Hilarious Parenting Experiment Shows Modern Kids Can't Handle '80s Gadgets (VIDEO)

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boomboxMy first grader's worksheets make me feel ancient. You know what I'm talking about. Your kid comes to you totally confused about the identity of a picture on the page, and you realize there's no way they would know. Because you haven't actually seen one of those things yourself since you were a kid ... in the 1980s.

Parents, there is a whole world out there that makes sense to us and absolutely mystifies our kids at the same time. It was about time someone mined the divide for Internet hilarity, wasn't it? There's now a viral video of today's kids pitted against the technology that their mom knew and loved during childhood that will make you laugh and cry at the same time:

Oh God. That is the story of my life starring another family! My 6-year-old can work my iPhone, but put her in front of an old tape player and she stares at you like "um, what is this thing, and what exactly do you expect me to do with it?"

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We love to talk about how the stuff from back when we were in underoos is far superior to the plastic crap our kids have today. And for the most part, we're right (except computers and tape players, natch ... because if you claim you only fished one cassette tape out of your old car's tape deck, you are just blocking the sad memories of what happened to your favorite mix taped off the radio). Sadly, we can brag about how awesome the '80s were all we want. The trouble is, if we actually tried to make our kids live with most of that stuff, they'd look at us like we were nuts!

But at least this mom proved one thing ... they may think we're crazy, but at least we know how to use a joystick, make a tape player work, and get something accomplished on a Commodore. Yeah, and our kids think they're sooooo smart! Ha!

What references from your childhood did you haul out, only to realize your kids were completely in the dark?


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fraoch fraoch

Our power went out during a storm a few years back and it wasn't to be on for a few days after clean up, so I went to walmart outside of town and bought a landline phone instead of my cordless...my daughter was wigged out by it. She didn't get how it worked w/o being plugged into an outlet. She asked in the store and the 3 other moms buying phones bust out laughing b/c their kids were doing the same to them. Now I always have a landline to plug in if we lose power so at least we're connected w/the outside world when cellphones die!

Carey... Carey2006

Record player....& lps

dixie... dixiechick2

Atari, no cable or satellite only having 6 channels to watch, no a/c at school.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Lmao. One time I was with my niece and walked by one of those music stores that carry old stuff and I was telling my friend they had records in there and my niece was baffled by this and shes asks me "what's a record????? " then thinks about it and sais " ooooh wait isnt that the big black CD??". Hahahahahahaha I felt ancient!

jessi... jessicasmom1

hahhaha a record player and I recall all those 80s gaming systems ... 

Chelsea Palmer

I remember recording on cassette tape from the radio my fave songs LOL

Laura Boone Sisk

I have a P38 (can opener) issued by the Army. I finally taught my daughter how to use it for an emergency. Of course a lot of can's are pop top now and the Army did away with c-rats. (Canned rations)

super... supermomofgirls

My daughter was saying the same thing over and over again yesterday and I told her to stop that she sounded like a brokern record. She then said mommy whats a record? Shes 7.

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