9-Year-Old With Cancer Dances His Way Into Our Hearts (VIDEO)

cancer bald kid danceWow, it's not every day that your day starts off with a thrill because you're reading about a child with cancer. Nine-year-old Charlie Futhey, however, is not your every day kid with cancer. Charlie has a rich sense of humor, and a lust for life as seen in his singing and dancing video take off on LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." Only let's substitute "bald" for "sexy" and "I have cancer" for "I work out." Go Charlie!

If you want to get a kick out of a kid who can put cancer to song and dance, watch this --


Just in case you need to refer to LMFAO's video, you can also start your day off right by enjoying it as well. There. You're set for levity on this Friday.

Of course there's a tragic story behind this. OF COURSE. And if you just want to celebrate Charlie's life, watch the video again and go about your day. Charlie is clearly a fighter, and in the most amazing spirits possible, so we're all pulling for him to get through this round of chemo and bounce back like he has before. Yep, this isn't his first rodeo.

Charlie has been battling Desmoplastic Round Cell Tumors, a rare form of cancer, for four years. He was in remission, then this January it came back. He's got 18 months of chemo to go, and can expect to rock that bald look for awhile. You can read more about Charlie's journey through cancer and chemo on his web page, and find out how to help.

In the meantime, enjoy Charlie's moves, and embrace your day.


Image via YouTube


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