Politically Correct School Changes Name of St. Patrick's Day to 'O'Green Day'

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O'Green Day is just around the corner, how are you going to celebrate? What? You've never heard of such a holiday? Apparently you don't live in Wilbraham, Massachusetts where children at Soule Roade School will not be able to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but instead a random day named after a color. Why? On account of religion, that's why.

In order to not offend the non-Christian (Catholic? Irish Catholic? It's unclear) students, the principal has decided to re-name the holiday during the school week, and celebrate with children wearing green and eating lots of green vegetables. In contrast to the children praying to St. Patrick and trying to convert non-believers?

It may seem silly to take the saint out of the holiday that's actually named for him, but on the other hand, I kind of get it.

I was raised Protestant, but now my kids go to a Jewish school. I never realized, until I tried to bring a load of Valentine's to my daughter's pre-school last year, the implications of St. Valentine's Day nor St. Patrick's Day. It seems obvious, however, that Valentine's Day has to do with love and St. Patrick's Day has to do with bad food, lots of beer, and wearing green. My religion never came into it, until my kid's religious school explained that these are not Jewish holidays or even secular holidays. Oh, right.

Even though the traditions we have here in America are totally secular, these two fun-filled holidays are actually rooted in Catholicism. Hence, the whole "St." thing. And while it may seem like Massachusetts would be the last place where this holiday would be censored, I suppose you have to start somewhere. Or not.

It's not like these kids are doing anything differently on O'Green Day vs. St. Patrick's Day. I don't recall any type of genuflecting going on during my own childhood when St. Pat's Day rolled around. Instead, lots of pinching and explanations of, "But my eyes are green. It counts!" And I suspect many of these kids are of Irish descent, and perhaps discuss their history as well on this day.

While I'm politically correct, and think we all should be, I'm just not totally sold on the name change here. Either you celebrate St. Patrick's Day or you don't. Changing the name doesn't take the religious aspect out of it, any more than leaving it the same makes kids stop and ponder the good deeds of Saint Patrick while they're chasing each other on the playground trying to get a pinch.

What do you think about O'Green Day?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

Honestly I'm atheist and never thought about it either. To me these holidays are more a way to break up the wet, dreary (I live in the PNW) winter months. It seems silly to me to change the name though, either don't celebrate it (no decorations, worksheets with st pat's themes etc) in school or leave the name alone.

Snark... Snarkymom

So sad...we can't call people by their "offensive" real names or titles (i.e. saint) anymore.  What's next...we can't refer to "Queen Elizabeth" because it might offend non-royals or re-name Christmas to "Wintermas" because it offends non-Christians.  Exhausting!

Melis... Melissa042807

Do people really not have bigger fish to fry? "O'Green Day"? Seriously? 

small... smallfryes

Wow!  Just Wow!

And somebody better alert Susan St James that her name is going to offend someone...:P

Maevelyn Maevelyn

As both a person of Irish Heritage and a Catholic I'm more offended than I ever thought I would be. O'Green day? Really? I guess that's to keep it Irish? Can't we look at these holidays as a way to teach about different cultures or else just not celebrate like Kristi said? Do you have to ruin the holiday for people to whom it has actual meaning by essentially making fun of it and two entire Cultures? To some people St. Patrick's day has a deeper meaning than corn-beef and cabbage. Not to mention to eliminate Catholicism from the holiday you also have to eliminate shamrocks bc st. Patrick used them to demonstrate how 1 God can have 3 forms (the trinity.) 

dirti... dirtiekittie

this is clearly a case of PC going too far. if you're not going to celebrate it, then don't. don't go changing the name and trying to make it something it isn't. every day i think i've read the craziest things about our society and i find articles like this that keep going a step further.

i don't think i like this planet anymore. :/

Deweymom Deweymom

Lmao...my parents live in Wilbraham...this is hilarious. People are so afraid, it seems, of being un-PC that they are just being ridiculous. Just don't acknowledge the holiday.

knitt... knitttinbug

So I posted a comment as a guest almost two hours ago, but it still hasn't appeared. 

Anyways, MassLive has posted another article with the Superintendent's side of the story (http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/03/hampden-wilbraham_superintende.html) stating that it wasn't re-naming St. Patrick's Day, it was making a "holiday" out of the day before, so the kids could celebrate during the school week. 

I can't tell you which is the real story, but I just wanted to point out the two sides....

Deweymom Deweymom

Thanks knittinbug! Good to hear the other side of the story.

And LOL at Superintendent O'Shea. Clearly an Irishman!

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