Good Parents Go to Extremes to Get Their Kids Into Kindergarten (VIDEO)

Lincoln Crossing Elementary School in Sacramento, California must be the end all be all as far as grade schools go, because parents actually pitched tents and camped out at the school to secure a kindergarten spot for their kids. Yes, I'm serious.

Registration for next year's class began yesterday, March 13, but some parents weren't taking any chances in grabbing one of the remaining 50 or so highly coveted openings, so some campers showed up as early as Saturday. And while some insist that Lincoln Crossing is simply a great school, others listed its location as the reason why they felt it to be camp-worthy. Not that I can say that I blame them. Having the school close by is pretty convenient, especially when it comes to younger children. If I had my heart set on a certain school for my son, I probably would've camped out too. (Ok, you're right. I would've probably made my husband do it.)


I'm not gonna lie -- making the transition from preschool to kindergarten with my son really kind of kicked my butt a little. It's almost like preschool was some sort of fairytale land where they held your hand and guided you every step of the way so you didn't miss a beat. I was really good at the whole preschool thing. (Who are we kidding? I still miss it.)

And then when we finally entered the big kid school realm when my son went off to kindergarten, I was shocked and dumbfounded by all of the rules, regulations, deadlines, and miscellaneous PTO fundraising forms that were suddenly overflowing out of his backpack. I thought that things were pretty overwhelming and even whined a bit about having way too much to deal with. And yes, I know how pathetic that sounds.

But as it turns out, I guess I had it pretty easy compared to these folks. All I had to do was remember to show up at the school on registration day to ensure that he would be enrolled in one of the two kindergarten classes, because we pretty much live in the middle of nowhere. And when I forget an important date or deadline for something going on in his class? Another kindergarten parent in my neighborhood always reminds me so I don't look like the worst mom in the world.

Gee -- maybe living out in the boonies isn't so bad after all.

You can hear more from the parents who camped out in front of Lincoln Crossing Elementary School in the video clip below.

Would you camp out in line to secure a spot for your kindergartner?


Image via silver marquis/Flickr

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