Daylight Savings Time 2012 Is a Great Time For Parents to Stop Whining

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Daylight Savings Time is a little bit of a mixed bag for most of us. Springing forward is depressing in the sense that we lose an hour, but exciting because it means Spring is just around the corner. Personally, I love the fact that I can now get up early to run at 6 a.m. and not be doing so in the dark. But for moms and dads and anyone with a day job, the week after the time change can be brutal.

Ask any parent and they will say most children are "off" for at least a week following the time change.

But we need to buck up. For any parent who travels with their child, this is not unlike a small time change and kids survive those all the time. We moms and dads of the world need to stop complaining and whining about our sleep and start looking on the bright side (literally). Here are some Daylight Savings perks:

  • Our children can stay out playing later: Personally, I LOVE Daylight Savings because it means park time after school! Long walks into town to eat dinner outside! Scooter time before dinner! The longer my kids can stay active at night and be outside, the happier we all are.
  • Our children will sleep later: My kids slept until 9:25 this morning. I don't know about you, but for us, that was pretty incredible. I got to get up and do my early morning 8-mile run with a friend while my husband got to sleep in. We both won!
  • This winter was a winner: I am knocking wood on this one because we are still not out of the woods, but here on the East Coast, my children did not have a single snow day. Not one!  That's pretty amazing, no?
  • Summer fun is just around the corner: With the summer comes beach time and warm weather and shorts and sundresses and wine (not whine). My goodness, I can scarcely even wait!  How can anyone even consider complaining when they think about the fun in store?

Seriously, people, we are losing ONE hour. In the grand scheme of things it is a small price to pay for all that we gain. Besides, for the real whiners, we get it back in the fall.

Spring 2012: BRING it! I say thank goodness and the universe for Daylight Savings!

Do you hate Daylight Savings?


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Magen Kauffman

Sure, the kid sleep later on Sunday, but there's no reason for them to get up, it's still the weekend. Bedtime, however, is going to be a bitch b/c, to their little bodies, it's an hour early and they're not tired yet. And if you have a school-age child, it's even worse b/c you have to get them up for school the next day and, if like my child, they fought going to bed the night before, they are going to be extra tired in the morning. Try dragging a tired 7 year old out of the top bunk of a bunk bed when he doesn't want to get up. It's not fun. I really hate the time change!

ThatT... ThatTattooedMom

I live in arizona so it doesn't affect me. I like it.

orang... orangetree

Daylight saving time is a cruel joke. In the scheme of things it may only be an hour, but that hour is extremely valuble when you are a working, single parent who also goes to school. I will bitch about that lost hour if I want to.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This change is fine now LEAVE THE TIME ALONE!

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I hate the time change.
I lived in Arizona and LOVED not changing the clocks.. ever.

It totally screws up everyone's sleep for 1-2 weeks in my house. Then again 6(ish) months later!
Many of the businesses where I live adjust their hours too with the time changes. Does not make sense.

Daylight time is daylight time, period. You don't gain much by "tricking" the clock.

Emily Lynch

Daylight savings time really should not make it lighter in the AM anywhere. That 6:00AM run would be occurring at what was 5:00AM the day before. If it is getting lighter in the morning, daylight savings time is not to thank. The time change is much easier on me this year as a stay-at-home Mom than it was as a working college student, and as I can imagine it would be as a working mom. I personally think it is unnecessary and that people really have the right to complain if they wish.

Venae Venae

jalaz77 is right - now that we've done it again, LEAVE IT BE!!!

Roberta Vath

Actually, springing forward means it stays dark later into the morning.  If the sun came up at 6:30 on Saturday, then it will be coming up at 7:30 on Sunday (I don't know what time the sun actually rises, I'm guesstimating)  You will get daylight at six am much sooner in the year if we DIDN'T have daylight savings.  So your first rationalization makes no sense.  If you let your kids sleep late, it will be harder to get them to bed, then harder to get them up the next's a vicious cycle.  And the mild winter has absolutely nothing to do with daylight savings.  This article makes no sense whatsoever.

Tal0n Tal0n

Actually I think it's the perfect time for parents to UP their whining!!  It doesn't just throw off my Aspie tween (at 12, I have to give in and use THAT WORD) but it throws off Aspie ME and makes me insanely grouchy.  At my husband's last job where he worked as a metrologist (not a meteorologist...someone who does specialty and precise measuring) twice a year he worked overtime to change over 300 clocks and timers at his place of employment.

No one else wanted to do it.  That was the only good thing that ever came of time changes; overtime.  But he doesn't work there anymore, all the clocks at his current place of employment are likely atomic clocks and so are many of ours.  So I don't even have to change that many clocks.

But I'll still be out of sorts for most of a month.  Sue me.

Oh, and as a native Michigander, I HATED THIS WINTER.

the4m... the4mutts

Daylight savings time is stupid, and has nothing to do with your ridiculious notions of "more daylight" and what can be accomplished with it. The season change effects daylight. Not the damn clock.

They need to leave our clocks alone. Its unnessecary

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