Buckyballs Are Just the Latest Lethal Toy to Terrorize Kids

aqua dotsSince that poor kid in Oregon nearly died from ingesting 37 Buckyballs, all I've been able to think about is that old Saturday Night Live skit about unsafe toys -- remember? "Bag O' Glass" and "Teddy Chainsaw Bear" were my favorites. The premise was hilarious as a comedy sketch, but there have been way too many deadly toys on the market over the years. Buckyballs are the latest, sure, but they certainly weren't the first.

Indeed. Who can forget such lethally dangerous playthings as these ...


Aquadots: It REALLY freaked me out when the news broke about these things, because they were actually in my kids' playroom at the time. Aquadots were supposed to be cool because the colorful little dots were stuck together with water to make pictures ... they turned out to be very not cool because they contained the date rape drug GBH. Whoops! Roophied 5-year-olds = major recall.

Jarts: Metal lawn darts. Need I say more? Metal. Lawn. Darts. For kids to throw. I never had these as a kid, but I did have the original Slip n' Slide (the one with the big metal brackets stuck into the ground at either end ... ouch!).

Shrinky Dinks: Let's all melt plastic in our oven and inhale the toxic fumes! As I recall, the only way to get rid of that unavoidably nasty Shrinky Dink-er's Headache was to lie down and take a nap for at least 3 hours.

Easy-Bake Oven: Of course you weren't supposed to stick your fingers through the oven's burning hot metal door thingies to get your "cake," but what else could you do when you lost that other grabber/pusher thingie you were supposed to use? I'm still shocked at the amount of damage the heat of a lightbulb can do to human skin.

What's the most dangerous toy you played with as a kid?


Image via Anathea Utley/Flickr

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