Easy Ways to Support Autism Awareness (Think Chocolate)

lindt gold bunnyThe rising numbers of autism diagnosis are staggering, but there's good news this time of year. Because the companies signing on to help find some answers for parents are growing too. In preparation for Autism Awareness Month, you can now head to the stores to load up your Easter baskets, book a vacation, or buy a new t-shirt, all while helping fund research.

Want to get in on the action to help the 1 in 110 kids being diagnosed every year? Check out this awesome list of companies donating to the cause: 


Lindt: Getting ready for Easter just got a lot easier! For every Lindt Gold Bunny sold through April 8, the company is donating 10 cents to Autism Speaks. The donation goes up to $1 for every Lindt eCard sent or $2 for the purchase of a Lindt pre-filed Easter basket. Oh, and you can get a whopping $25 donation to the cause for a Lindt Pinterest board!

Toys R Us: Donations of money for Autism Speaks will be accepted through the end of April at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores as well as online. If you donate $10 or more to Autism Speaks at any Toys R Us or Babies R Us store, you receive a reusable shopping bag designed by James Hogarth, an artist with autism, featuring Autism Speaks heroes. If you hit up their Facebook page, you'll even be able to use their app to turn your profile picture blue for the cause.

Gaylord Hotels: Going on vacation? You might want to book with Gaylord's Rooms for Good program. They're giving 10 percent of proceeds raised through a special package rate available at all four Gaylord Hotels resorts throughout March and April to Autism Speaks.

CafePress: They call it a Voice for Autism! The company that sells everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs has a special autism page, and they'll be donating 10 percent of the final purchase price for all products tagged with "autism" that are sold through CafePress.com Marketplace during April 1 to Autism Awareness charities. Autism Speaks will receive 50 percent of the proceeds and 50 percent will be given to an Autism Awareness charity selected by the CafePress community.

American Medical ID: If you know someone in need of a medical identification bracelet, now's the time to buy. The company has crafted a special edition band for Autism Speaks, and a portion of the sales will go straight to the non-profit.

Stella and Dot: Need a gorgeous piece of jewelry that makes you feel even better on the inside? For every one of the Shine bracelets this company sells, 20 percent goes straight to Autism Speaks.

What corporations have you seen make an effort to help these families? Does this actually make you buy?


Image via Lindt

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