Katniss Everdeen Doll Blows Away Barbie Stereotypes

Hunger Games To those who berate Barbie for her unattainable figure, her glorification of looks over brains, and whatever ever else it is that people bash Barbie for, here's one that tackles the typical stereotypes -- Katniss Everdeen Barbie. That's right, the heroine of The Hunger Games is being boxed by Mattel and is available for presale now.

She certainly isn't just a pretty thing to look at, no sir. Katniss is fierce. She can take care of herself, take down whoever and whatever is in her way, and she's smart and tough enough to do what's necessary to survive. Those other frilly ones with their painted nails and bikinis have nothing on her. What a great role model for young girls.


The problem is that by the time girls are old enough to be reading Hunger Games they're probably getting too old for Barbies. It's a violent story, and while there many good messages in it, I think it's too intense for the Barbie set.

While I read the first book, I knew my son, 7 at the time, would love the story, but I wasn't ready for him to read it. Instead, I'd relay the story to him in my own words, with some significant editing. He loved it, and can't wait to read it. I want him to, but think he needs another year or two to mature; maybe when he's 10. He doesn't play with Barbies anyway, but my daughter does.

She just turned 3, and we have at least eight Barbies. They've all been given to her as gifts, but I'm definitely not  in the camp that believes Barbie will warp and condemn her to a life of frivolous fashion and nothing else. I think she can love Barbies and still love to play Ninjago with her brother, and sort out who she is along the way. But I have to say I wish there was an age-appropriate Barbie as fierce as Katniss that I could introduce her to in addition to the Barbie Flower 'N Flutter Fairy Doll. 

So in my house, we have no real need for the Katniss Barbie no matter how awesome she is, and I wonder how many families will. Likely it was designed like many of these controversial Barbie are -- for collectors -- and I'm sure Hunger Games and Barbie devotees will scoop her up even if they never do put her in a dream house or in a convertible next to Ken.

Would you buy a Katniss Everdeen Barbie for your children? How old do you think is old enough for kids to read/watch The Hunger Games?

Image via TheHungerGamesMovie.com

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