6 Subjects Moms REALLY Wish Were Taught in School

Cynthia Dermody | Mar 6, 2012 Big Kid
6 Subjects Moms REALLY Wish Were Taught in School

classroomKids need to pass the state tests and all, but wouldn't it be nice if teachers also prepared our kids for life? Because when was the last time you actually needed to use an algebra equation in your day-to-day. Serious academics definitely have its place, but a survey of CafeMoms found it would be great to add these subjects to their child's curriculum as well ... see if you agree with these moms from our community.

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  • Home Finance


    "Learning about credit cards, debt, savings, budgeting, and so on. I took a sociology class on Courtship and Marriage in college that had a section on finances, but I still would love to take a whole class on this." -- NHartsing18

  • Birds & Bees


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    "I would love it if the schools had REAL, informative, and comprehensive sex education classes." -- aurorabunny

  • Car Repair


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    "You should not be allowed to own a car without knowing at least how to check the oil, check the tire pressure, change a flat, change the oil, and change the air filter. Just basic maintenance. When I was working for AutoZone, you wouldn't believe how many teenage guys came in looking for oil for their car and didn't even know where to put it!" -- LokisMama

  • Mandatory Foreign Language


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    "Starting in elementary school to graduation. We are one of the few advanced countries in the world where the majority of the population is not bi- or even tri-lingual. Kids are only learning short-term memory skills to store dry boring facts long enough to pass the state mandated tests so that the schools get more money. Two weeks later, they don't remember it or even care to." -- Laura1229

  • College Alternatives


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    "Yes, it would be ideal that every child go to college but some just won't. And those kids leave high school and don't even have basic interview skills. If you're willing to help prepare the college bound students by giving them ample resources, then you ought to be able to create a program for the kids who have decided not to go to college to help them succeed in a life that doesn't involve higher education." -- madamekatekate

  • Drugs 101


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    "In high school we were required to take Earth Science and Biology and that is it. Obviously I took everything they offered, but there needs to be more science for students who don't plan to major in science in college. By more science, I specifically mean understanding the basics of medicine, drugs, environmental science, and how basic research is done." -- science_spot

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