5-Year-Old Comedian Is Definitely 'Bout to Be Famous' (VIDEO)

Zay ZayRaising a sassy kid is not easy. Trust me. Mine said "holla" at me the other day. Yeah, she's 6. But parents who can handle that larger than life personality in a teeny weeny body are absolutely amazing.

And the parents of 5-year-old Zay Zay, the hottest new comedian on the interwebs, are pretty rockin'. Their little jokester announced he wanted to be a comic. And instead of telling him to knock it off because he's got "serious matters" (you know, like kindergarten) to attend to, they set him up with a video camera and helped him with his material.

The result? Well, take a look:


Yeah. I LOL'd people. For reals!

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It's not so much what he said as how he said it. That's why I love sassy kids. They have a way of telling you something with such panache that it makes an impact, even if it's just a retelling of the very important (to them anyway) details of lunch in the kindergarten cafeteria. Even the most involved, loving, right there with the kiddos parent can be bored to tears by the intimate details of who had what shape fruit snacks in their lunch box ... but sassy kids can make it riveting!

Zay Zay might be right. He could be "bout to be famous." Because there's nothing more boring than the kind of kid who would rather sit like a lump on a couch in front of a television set. But sassy kids, they're going to change the world!

Who's the sassy kid in your life? How do you manage to control that over-sized personality?


Image via KevonStage/YouTube

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