Cute Kids Recreating 2012 Oscars' Best Picture Nominees Will Make You Giggle (VIDEOS)


MoneyballNo Brad Pitt, but he's still cute!Have you seen all the movies up for best picture at this weekend's Academy Awards? Yeah, me neither. It's called being a parent: I just don't have time to get myself to the theater the way I used to. But thanks to some insanely adorable kids who have re-enacted the major nominees, we don't have to feel guilty weighing in on the office pool!

The cuties have taken the biggest moments from the likes of The Help (which I have seen!) and the Tree of Life (yeah, haven't gotten there yet) and not only made them cuter ... but shortened them so a busy parent actually has time to get them in before they sit down in front of the TV.

Aaaaand action:

What, that only got you half of what you needed? But there's more! Seeing a little boy apologize to another for sleeping with his wife (spoiler alert) is so wrong ... but it's so cute you'll giggle anyway:

So there you have it! All the Oscar-worthy flicks without having to hire a babysitter. Sure there was no Clooney, but I'll be honest -- he was looking oooold in The Descendants (another movie I actually got to see -- wahooo) anyway.

Will you even be able to stay awake for the Academy Awards this weekend, or do the same kids who keep you from seeing all the nominees wipe you out before the last statuette's given out every year?


Image via Jest


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Debi VanAsperen Savage

WHAT did that horse say in a child's voice? There is NO excuse or good reason for that!!

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

^^Is that really all you got from this? Were you looking for something to complain about? Sheesh. I thought I was bored.

These cracked me up. Thank you, Jeanne.

sierr... sierra_617

I liked how they summed up the help.Yes the movie/book was moving but if you sum it up the black women got fired and the white lady got a new career in writing. Kinda messed up if you think about and if i was a kid made to watch that movie that is what I would  get from it to

GlowW... GlowWorm889

XD Too cute! I loved it. Those kids are adorable.

@ Debi - in all fairness, he probably didn't really say the F word. They probably had him say something innocent and bleeped it out for effect. They do it all the time for small children who "have" to "swear" in film.

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