Sadie Frost Is Naive to Think Her Vulgarly Dressed Daughter Is a Little Angel

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Iris and Sadie FrostAt first glance, Iris, daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, 12, looked like the poster child for age-appropriate fashion while attending the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in London this week. Complete with a Peter Pan collar and small pastel hearts scattered about the white, short-sleeved frock, it appeared to be a nice contrast to the too-old-and-too-sexy-too-early garb to which we often see tweens flock. Only once you looked more closely, it wasn't quite so innocent.

You see, all those cute little candy hearts were filled with sayings that were anything but sweet. Instead the sayings included things like: “Blow Me,” “Drink Poison,” “Choke,” “Eat Shit,” and “Please Drown." Personally, I think it's kind of hilarious, but plenty of people were up in arms about Sadie letting the little lady wear the dress. So she took to Twitter to offer an explanation/apology.

She said the dress had been bought for Iris as a gift (no word as to by whom), but that she had no idea that it was anything other than adorable. And you know what, I buy that. Sadie has four kids, and things can get hectic. You don't always have time to read your kids' clothing.

The other day, as my son was standing in line with his second grade class in the school parking lot to say the Pledge of Allegiance, I gasped as I realized he had his uniform shirt on inside out. It's a monogrammed white polo shirt so it was VERY apparent, yet there I'd gotten him out the door and to school without noticing. Not my best mom moment, especially when his friends noticed and he got embarrassed. But it happens, and I totally believe Sadie when she says she just didn't notice.

What I don't quite buy is her assertion that Iris didn't know. "Iris is a sweet, innocent girl," she tweeted. I'm sure she wants to believe that, but c'mon. What 12-year-old girl do you know that isn't incredibly picky about what she's going to wear? And one that's headed to a Vivienne Westwood fashion show certainly is more likely to be fashion conscious. Does her mom really believe she didn't scrutinize each and every phrase on that frock? Please. She knew exactly what she was wearing.

She probably put it on, threw a sweater on top, and prayed her mother didn't notice. Kids trying to get away with fashion infractions -- behind their parents' backs and right under their noses -- is nothing new, and I'd say little Iris here just got away with a big one.

Do you think you would notice if your child went out the door in an outfit like this?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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femal... femaleMIKE

i don't have any kids so i can't answer to your question. 

 I did walk out of house with toothpaste on my face before and another time, my shirt had toothpaste on it.  Its a good thing I work in a hospital because I borrowed scrubs to wear that day.  I am more careful about my toothpaste now. 

CPN322 CPN322

Yes, you'd have to be blind not to. And her name is Iris Law.

CPN322 CPN322

But, I get what you are saying about hectic moms and I actually do believe she could have not noticed depending on her stress level now that I really think about  it. I also agree that the daughter had to have known what the dress said.

the4m... the4mutts

I have to say, yes I would have noticed. Why? Because I would have bought it for her myself.

Now, before I get ranted at... I never let my kids wear fashion sensitive attire. But she was going to a high end event, to make a statement. And if I had a chance to take my child to something like that, as long as her body wasn't the center of attention, then at 12 years old, I would let her pick a controversial logo if she so chose.

At least it wasn't a hoochie skirt, or see through top. I find it awsome and still every bit as adorable.

Loref... Lorefield

I'm with you the4mutts. I would have bought this dress for my daughter and thought it was hilarious.

I wouldn't have let her wear it to school of course, but I will always support her fashion statements. She's a little avante garde as it is. Really, it's not like kids don't say or hear those things every day, so what exactly is it hurting?

prplecat prplecat

I would have bought it for her myself!  I love the anti-valentine statement stuff, and you REALLY need a sense of humor to raise a well-adjusted child.

nonmember avatar Gerrie

Having seen this outfit closer on other sites, I find it completely inappropriate for a 12 year old to wear something that short. My 13 year old would not be allowed to wear anything like that even over those tights.

Cicci... Cicciabella

Firstly: Iris Law isn't 12 yet. According to IMDb she was born October 25, 2000.

Secondly: According to a certain website the dress was reportedly purchased by Jude Law for his daughter.

That dress is definitely inappropriate for a tween girl. I'd buy it for myself though but hey I'm an adult.

nonmember avatar bag100

I agree, the "uproar" this has inspired is overkill. Good grief, people, it's her choice to wear it, she was not indecent, and these kids talk and say things that we aren't aware of...yes, even YOUR little angel. Think back when you were a child and the things you did and said in the way of "growing up" around your friends. The dress is ironic and cool, and her wearing it to a fashion show was cool, too. Now leave her alone, the bashing she's receiving about it is far worse than the so-called "crime." I'm sure one little girl has been made to feel embarrassed on a much larger scale than she ought. It doesn't deserve this.

the4m... the4mutts

Glad to see the other moms with a sense of humor!

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