Weird & Wonderful Toys You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

roadkill toysMy excursion to the Toy Fair had me seeing more than just the award winning toys for kids -- and sadly I missed Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. He was there! But I did get to see some blood of another kind ... you know, of the stuffed animal variety. Gore can totally be cute (we get proof from Skarsgard), but it can also be plushy. Take Roadkill Toys for example.

Yes, they are dead stuffed animals, guts all hanging out, and they come with body bag and coffin. They are for kids over 14, though I can't help but feel they would make a great learning toy for little ones who live in the sticks. This is what happens when the bunny crosses the road without his mama. Never cross the road without me!

My husband wants one.

This isn't the only standout for me ... check out the weird and also wonderful toys I spotted.


Kind of on the opposite end of the Roadkill stuffed animals are Monstaz by Ty. I can forgive the terrible misspelling (on a kids product!!! Why?) since they are tragically adorable. There was a huge wall of them at the Toy Fair. Like taller than three Alexander Skarsgards!


The only thing weird about My First Gym by Hape is that it isn't plastic! Love this. So wonderful.

wood playyard

I'll admit when I saw the Makedo booth, I was pronouncing it like this: Ma-key-do. But it's just make-do. Doh! What it is though is a kit to help you make cool things out of your trash. Clean trash, of course. It comes with the right 'tools' and 'parts' and a guide on how to put it together. But the actual materials are acquired by you. The rep at the booth said people either get it or don't. I loved it!

One of the Makedo people even made this huge dragon.

I loved this monster truck (note I spelled monster right!) made from Mega Bloks.

mega blocks truck

Another Mega Bloks creation ... this one of Thrall.

Every kid needs a Rosalina Baby Twin Doll Jogger Stroller. Why? Because I'm a twin mom and I feel these help with twin stroller acceptance. And every child should be able to take two favorite dollies out for some fresh air.

toy double stroller

Life-size LEGO lady! Well, actually her head was about two times the size of the average head, but she was still awesome. My husband notified me that I clearly need to go to LEGOLAND being that these creations excited me so much.

lifesize lego girl

Hape's Eggspressions teach kids about their emotions. I feel like this toy will also help some adults in their relationships. It's speggtacular!

Eco-smeco. Yes, we get it. But can your eco toy also double as art you can leave in the house long after the kids get bored of playing with it? Tree Blocks, my friends, made from reclaimed trees is where it's at. I wish they made furniture for me. I'd love a cool tree stump kitchen table.

I had the pleasure of meeting the inventor of the Teddy Tank. Very cool guy who thought this up when he had the misfortune of landing himself in a hospital bed. And very cool idea. Any kid who has a fish needs this. They will totally feed them more (you feed through the teddy bear's mouth), and no one wants a dirty belly so perhaps they'll be into cleaning it as well. You know, so Teddy doesn't need Roadkill Toys' coffin box.

Bubber! It's like Playdoh but it's lighter and won't get stuck in our rugs! It's non-toxic and easy to mold into all sorts of awesomeness.

Five Little Piggies To' Brush Holder is also a either you love it or you hate it. Toothbrushes and feet? Do they go together? Not exactly. But anything to get your kid interested in brushing those chompers, right? *For those worried about foot and mouth disease, you can use this for pencils instead.

My in-laws love getting my kids gifts from CP Toys and I hope they are reading this because the E-Z Art Projector will most definitely help nurture their artistic talents so they become all famous and able to buy mommy and daddy an endless retirement vacation with all the money they make from their (say it with a British accent) art. The projector put the outline on the paper so the kids can trace it, so you'll get some fridge-worthy creations.

Friendly Toys Fire Engine Scooter has four wheels. Four wheels! I've seen the three wheel scooters and the younger kids aren't quite ready for those yet. But this one -- perfect!

I sadly didn't get to try out the Hand Trux myself, but I really enjoyed watching those who did. I could see my son torturing my daughter with his bionic arm but I'm thinking of the fun they both would have in the sandbox with these.

These are the weirdest looking puppets ever, and I love them. Puppet Heap Playthings really got creative and you can play puppets but also go online and watch little clips of the characters to get to know their personalities, which gives you more fodder for puppeting. Puppet play? Puppeteering? Whatever it's called.

What do you think of these? Which toy is your favorite?


Image via Michele Zipp, except last two from Hand Trux; PHPlaythings

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