Mom Saves Bus Full of Kids After Terrifying Event (VIDEO)


Rhonda CarlsenImagine, if you will, standing with your kids and waiting for the school bus to swing by, as you would on any typical school day, when you see the bus coming -- and then rolling right past you and not showing any sign of stopping ... at all. Then your daughter looks up at you and says, "Mom, something's not right with our bus driver!"

What would you do? Me? I'm afraid I'd just freeze in terror. But that's not what one fast-thinking Albuquerque mom, Rhonda Carlsen, did. She tells local news station KOAT that she ran after the bus, which was filled with terrified kids on their way to elementary school. Through the window, she could see the driver was having a seizure.

Still running alongside, she gestured for a third grader inside to swing open the bus door. Once the doors were opened, she hopped inside while the bus was still moving, hit the brakes, and switched off the ignition, stopping the bus and saving the kids.

The driver was taken to the hospital, and the first thing he did when Carlsen went to visit him was ask about the kids, which is nice. Yet from a parent's perspective, the whole episode is simply terrifying.

Did the driver have a condition that he knew could lead to seizures? And if so, did the bus company or school district know? Yes, accidents can happen anytime, to anyone. I imagine it's just as likely to happen to a parent driving their kid to school as to a driver transporting a busload of children. But still, every parent who puts their kid on a bus and waves goodbye takes a leap of faith -- that the driver will stay healthy and careful and have good luck with other cars on the road and get the kids safely to school. A story like this, well, it conjures fears we keep hard to keep at bay.

But thank goodness, at least, for quick-thinking heroes like Carlsen -- and the brave third-grader who helped her save the day. It's nice to think that the terrifying "what ifs" can still have a happy ending.


What do you think of what Carlsen did?


Image via KOAT Albuquerque

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Angel Jones


Heather Ruth Sellers

What an amazing thing the mother did. This article bothers me though- all I feel like the article does is judge a situation that you know nothing about! Chances are the bus drive did not have a condition he knew about or he would not be driving bus. I feel like this article made it sound like he put children in danger on purpose and that bothers me. Way to go Carlsen though!!

Jessica Hellmeyer

WOW!! so happy God had put you there at that time!!!! WAY TO GO MOOOMMMMMM!!!!!

Robin Oxfeld

I commend the Mother for her bravery but I didn't appreciate the way the article is turning on the poor bus driver without any facts just all assumption.

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

What a way to place the blame on the poor guy who suffered from a seizure.

I am sure that this was a freak accident, and thank God that mom was there.

She probably just saved her children's lives.

orang... orangetree

The thing about seizures is that you can have one for no apparent reason then never have one ever again.

Ember... Emberbaby

WTG Mrs. Carlsen!

nonmember avatar tonya

Amazing!!!!! A lot of people don't think that fast or have it in them to do what she did. Awesome job!!! :-) she's a god send!

Holid... HolidayCheers

I wish there were more people like her out there who actually cared about what happens to other people. Thank God She was in the right place at the right time. If I were those kids parents I'd be sending her loads of thank you's and gifts for having saved their kids lifes, she definitly deserves credit for what she did. Cheers to the best mother/best parent hero of the year!

And we can't forget that little one who helped her by opening the door(s), what a brave little one they were! GREAT JOB!

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