Birthday Party Gone Wrong Shows You Can't Trust Other Adults With Your Kids

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My daughter has just now reached the age (she is 5) when people start asking her on play-dates that don't include me. So far, they've only been with other parents who I know very well and for a long time, but I know there is a time in the not-so-distant future when my daughter will want to play at someone's home and I won't know them. Scary!

This is why stories like this one where a dad accidentally put on his own porn instead of the Smurfs movie he had intended to show at a child's birthday party scare me to death.

If I were the parent of one of the kids at the birthday party, I would be livid, and this is a classic example of how hard it is to trust other people with your kids. This is why I have a plan.

My plan is multifaceted. First, I plan to BE the cool hangout pad. Oh yes, I will have all the Tang and cookies my kids could want. I will provide red paper for Valentine's and plenty of candy and fun. My house will be the place to be for kids after school.

My mom was the queen of this herself and I almost never went over to anyone else's house after school because she was so cool and all my friends wanted to be around MY mom. It's a genius plan, really.

My other plan is to really get to know parents of my kid's friends. This past January first, we invited one of my daughter's friends and her whole family up to my family lake house. We did skiing and snowshoeing and ice skating. At night, we put the kids to bed and we got to know the parents.

Now I consider them somewhat good friends of ours and it was really a very simple thing. The fact is, I want my daughter and son to make many, many good friends. But I also want to know the parents. I am never going to be comfortable sending my child over to a stranger's house. That would just not be me.

So I have to bake a lot of cookies, make my house super appealing, and be prepared to make a lot of new friends.

Do you trust other kids' parents?




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Kourtney Boreman

I think there should have been some labeling of the DVD's on his part, that little "peep show" inncident should have been avoided...VERY AVOIDED. As far as my home being a local hot spot for my son's friends (when he gets older) I think I could tolerate that. My mom did the same thing she said: "Kids are like strays, you feed them once and they keep coming back." 

Sidthe Sidthe

@RhondaVeggie WHAT! They want you to pay to stay to watch your child and potentially socialize!!! The hell! Is it at like a public pool? Makes no sense whatsoever to me!

Also really the big party gone wrong thing is a few accidental seconds of porn? The dad is probably more freaked then the kids were!

kisse... kisses5050

 Geez.. Lets see you are the onnnnnly one who married the perfect guy and has the perfect the home? the rest of the people out there with kids married perverts and are just waiting to hear the wheels of car crunch down the drive before they start cutting lines of coke on the coffee table and popping in the porn? Way to go to worst first thinking. How bout assuming everyone wants to care for your children in the best way possible??



nonmember avatar Michael

Let's just all look after our children. I agree a parent has to know all about the family their child will spend time with. What kind of a parent wouldn't care to know?

Kate Cooley

In an area where so many parents have quads and trampolines... no, I don't.

dance... dancexbaby

People make mistakes. Of course you should meet and get to know other parents before just dropping them off, but unexpected accidents can and will happen. 

nonmember avatar Hugh Jass

Sasha can't decide whether she is a mother? Did you find a stray 5 year old in an amusement park? Don’t you think you should at least check the newspaper classifieds to see if someone posted an ad matching its description? Take a pic of her face, and run off about a dozen or so copies, write CHILD FOUND in bold print at the top, and tack them up on telephone poles around the neighborhood. You might even get a reward.

I agree with the others that you sound like a judgmental, paranoid, and closed minded simpleton. There are people, er, priests out there who will intentionally show porn to children. Worry about them, not some dweeb who forgot his movie in the machine after waxing his pole the night before.

Kids are pretty durable, and would survive an entire feature length porn film with no damage to their psyche. They might have a few interesting questions afterwards, but they won't have nightmares or require therapy.

If my kid was having a party, I’d expect you to stay a while and get acquainted. If you need to grill me, run background checks, I could deal with that.

But if I caught you writing phone numbers, dirty limericks, or drawing pictures of genitalia, on the walls of my bathroom, chances are slim your kid would get an invite again until he or she reached the age of 18 and you could no longer legally stalk them.

Perhaps a little sooner if they emancipate themselves.

nonmember avatar janet

Look,you do not know for sure if it WAS accidental.Exposing things like this for short periods of time is how child molesters 'groom' kids to get used to sexual images and activity.Beware.

nonmember avatar Tammy

WOW....I feel sorry for your kid! Den mother? How about therapy? Maybe you should just not let your kid go to sleep overs. Perhaps parents should inspect your premises before pulling your "Inspector Den mother" card from you.
Besides, everyone has a different definition of what is inappropriate.
I would not apreciate a Den mother in the neighborhood handing out "Tang" (really) sugered up cookies and blood colored paper. Get a life and let the neighborhood kids live theirs...geez no wonder kids are so screwed up.
I went to a party, was handed a six month old baby by the childs father: I was rocking the baby and the the mother asked me if I had any alcohol to drink. I stood up, and handed her the kid and said "thanks for the appreciation."

nonmember avatar Tammy

Janet, I don't know of any child in those circumstances could even be CAPABLE of being groomed. Too much mommie jeans time. Need to get out in the World.

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