Do Over! Kids More than 10 Years Apart


Recently an old high school friend found me on another social networking site. "Hey, girl. Remember me?" she asked. "I was pregnant when we graduated--my daughter is 21." What?! I turned and looked at my 3 year old. Man, do I have a looong way to go.


But as much as I momentarily envied my lost and found friend, I thought about my high school senior 17-year-old self. My 21-year-old self. Shoot, my 30-year-old self. I quickly came to turns with the fact that if I'd had my children a minute before I was really, truly ready, I wouldn't be the mom I am today.

A wonderful essay explores exactly this issue exactly. "The Parenting Do-Over," an essay about having children 16 years apart, shares what one mom will do differently now that she's a new mom all over again. It's hilarious to read Katie Allison Granju's take on being in labor and on the phone with a whiny teenager at the same time! "Son, if you call me again to ask me this same question while I am trying to get this baby out, you won't live long enough to see your friends any more for the rest of the summer."

Now that women are having children well into their 30's, 40's and sometimes even 50's (!), more moms will certainly identify with this contemporary mommy reality. (For the other side of this coin, check out Cafe Melisa's Pregnancy Buzz post "Having Babies Close Together in Age". )Tell us, do you or a friend have kids more than, say, 10 years apart? What changes have you made in your mothering technique?

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