Pancake Saturdays: 5 Ways to Take This Tradition Up a Notch

rainbow pancakesIf your family is like mine, most weekday mornings are a frenzy of activities as lunches are packed, homework is searched for, and socks are hunted down. While we always manage to get breakfast on the table, it's usually about how quickly we can get it there. Let's just say my toaster oven and microwave see most of the action during the week.

The weekends, however, are another story. Things slow down; we lounge in pajamas, and I have the luxury of serving up something a little more substantial that everyone loves. In my house that means pancakes. I love having one day designated to a fun breakfast that everyone looks forward to. But as wonderful as it is, it's also great to change things up. That doesn't mean parting with the pancakes, it just means pepping up the tradition a bit. Here are five ways to do just that on those slower Saturday mornings.


1. Pancake Molds

They may not taste that different to you, but your children will swear that pancakes shaped like animals, princess crowns, or Star Wars characters really do taste better.

2. Add Some Color

Red for Valentine's Day, a little green for St. Patrick's Day, or a whole rainbow of flavors any day adds some nice pep to a plate. If you're gasping at the use of food coloring, there are plenty of all-natural versions you can use.

3. Try a New Recipe

Turn breakfast into dessert with these cake-inspired pancake recipes. Red velvet, apple pie, and carrot cake versions, oh my.

4. Add Toppings

Set out an assortment of healthy toppings and let the kids create what they will. Things like raisins, sliced fruit, yogurt, coconut, and granola are fun.

5. Pancakes as Art

They are soft, easy to manipulate, and can be made into amazing creations. Check out what this guy can do!

How do you spice up pancake days? Do you have other days that you designate for special breakfast foods?

Image via globochem3x1minus1/Flickr

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