It's Your Fault Your Kid's a Brat (VIDEO)


JoAnn from BensonhurstDo you know the difference between a cursing toddler and a cursing elementary school kid? I'll give you a hint. The answer's more about how you react to them than anything the kid is actually doing.

If I had a dime for every kid whose parents let them get away with insanely stupid behavior as a toddler because it was "just so cute," I'd probably be able to put the elementary school aged brats those cute toddlers become into a private school. But I'm one of those moms who is just too wussy to ever tell her friends that they're parenting wrong (at least not to their faces!!). So I'm relieved that CafeMom Studios has found JoAnn From Bensonhurst to do it for me!

The new video is just one in what promises to be a long line of hilarious truth-telling from this sassy Brooklyn mom, and it couldn't have made me pump my fists any higher. JoAnn took on the tricky topic of how to discipline your kids, and although I don't agree with everything she said, she hit it out of the ballpark when she started talking about kids who talk back.

The way she sees it, if you let your kid get away with it when they were little, of course they're going to be a little monster now! Because you -- oh parent who is supposed to teach your kids how to behave -- totally dropped the ball when they were younger. Now they don't know WHAT's right and what's wrong. Of course, she says it in a much, much funnier way than me, so have a look-see:

Preach it sistah! If you don't nip bad behavior in the bud, you've got no one to blame for their bratty behavior but yourself. And trust me, they're not cute when they're the terror of the first grade!

Do you find yourself disciplining your kids for things you let them get away with when they were younger because "they didn't know any better" or "it made you laugh"?

Want to get more of JoAnn From Bensonhurst cracking wise? Check out her new video series on the CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel! A new episode will appear every Monday, but you can subscribe right there in case you forget!

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ms_mo... ms_morgan

I'm pregnant with our first, but one thing that I won't allow (along with the talking back and cussing) is hitting people, especially in the face.  Everyone thinks it's so cute when a little 18 month old "pretends" to knock daddy out, but pretty soon those little suckers fists hurt!  And they start doing it in retaliation when they are upset or angry, and it just gets out of hand. 

linzemae linzemae

My godsons grandpa always wrestles with him and so when he wants to play he will hit thinking its for play when It's not. I agree with you. It's not okay ever

Danzz... Danzzcoach

lol. She's kinda funny!  I am just waiting for the women who are gong to FREAK out about the washing out your kids mouth with Ivory Soap. Cue Child Abuse allegations in 3~2~1!!! Wanna bet who has the brattiest kids... Continue reading they are the ones that are going to say how AWFUL this mom is... ;-)

butte... butterflyfreak

Where's the LOVE button?!?! She's so correct on so many points. The talking to your kid like you would want to be talked to, that's a huge one! My daughter always responds so much better to the calm, respectful voice than she does if I start yelling. Really, it's about respect. How do you expect your kid to respect you (general you here) when you don't even have enough respect for them to treat them with a little respect?

amber... amberpaiz

i have to agree with danz on this one i had cps called on me b/c i gave my kids a dab of soap in their mouths for bad language. I was actually told that it is illegal to do this. So i calmly told them that if my child ever cussed or back talked again i was going to call them and have them take care of the situation. I think that the real issue is that kids now a days get to much leniancy and know that all they have to do is tattle that mommy put me in time out too long and parents are afraid to severely punish their children. I dont know about you guys but certain kids do not respond to a "time out" or a stern talking to. The power needs to be given back to their parents to dole out punishments as they see fit. I am in NO way saying beat your kids. I mean use your disgretion on what you think is best and be consistent with it. And they will respect you later for it. my mom used to tell me if my kids didn't tell me at least once a day "i hate you!" i wasn't doing my job right.

nonmember avatar Joanieb

When my daughter, who is now 30, came home from nursery school one day, she got on the floor and started kicking and screaming and when I asked her what was wrong (it was so hard not to laugh), she said "I'm mad with you" and I said Oh, I'm sorry, when you finish being mad with me, let's talk about it and I walked away. She never ever did anything like that again and it was pretty precious to see the look on her face when I walked away, like "what the heck, it works for the other kids". I disciplined her with love and she never cussed or sassed back and today she's a pretty nice young woman.

femal... femaleMIKE

this is why i am so glad i didn't get pregnant when i first started trying. :)  iI probably would have done this. 


 used to babysit my nephew (really my riends son)and he was just too cute to discipline.  His mom/dad and grandma  thought the same thing.  Now he is a 9 year old BRAT.  Some people have asked me (they must feel comfy because i am not his mom) if there is something wrong with him.  I think its the lack of discipline that caused this.

mom2t... mom2the.rescue

Kind of like you give 'em an inch, they take a foot.  However, not every kid is a brat b/c you've allowed it in the past.  I'm so tired of hearing how it's always the parent's fault...if a kid turns into a crappy teen, everyone points to the parent.  Sometimes, kids act bratty.  I have 4 totally different kids.  While they are all polite and very loveable, there are issues like tantrums and talking back...that I have never allowed in the past.  

momof... momof4and1man

thats awesome, she is o funny, and right!!!

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