Britney Spears' Son Is Following in Her Footsteps -- Quite Adorably (VIDEO)


Sean PrestonBritney Spears may not have to look far for a backup dancer in the future, as she can just scoop one up right from her own living room. It seems little Sean Preston Federline, 6, has moves like his mama and can really cut a rug.

Brit posted a video titled "Preston Shakes His Groove Thing" on her Facebook page last Friday, and it already has more than one million views on YouTube. Check him out after the jump dancing along with a video game to "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches & Herb.

He's pretty good, no? I love the part where his younger brother, Jayden, comes into the room and gets in his way, and he pushes him aside so he can get back to getting down.

With mom and dad in the biz, it's no surprise that he got the dancing genes, but I also think video games can teach kids a lot when it comes to dancing. My son has a dance game for our Kinect, and I'm amazed at the moves he's learned from it. From his first awkward attempts when we first got the game, he's really picked up some rhythm and steps along the way. He can actually dance now. I have to say I've learned a thing or two from it too. 

I have hope that due to dance video games, this generation of boys will become much better dancers than those of previous ones who know nothing more than some lame side stepping and head bobbing. That's a pro for video games if ever there was one.

Have your kids learned to dance with video games? Have you picked up any moves from the games?

Image via Britney Spears/YouTube

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vamom08 vamom08

He has moves like Rickey Martin .lol

nonmember avatar Michelle

round and round the butt goes. Just like my son when he dances. Its all in the butt baby!!

Mylund Mylund

Hi,add me

nonmember avatar ceewes

Looks like he was viewing an exercise video....

Schol... ScholarshipMom

That was adorable!  Loved the sibling in the way....typical!  :)

WifeM... WifeMomStudent

They're life looks so normal! This video definitely makes her more relatable

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