8 Alternate Uses for a Toilet That Only a Mother Can Appreciate

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Remember the days when the toilet was used for one thing? Well, two things, I suppose, but, one theme. The other day, as I was conducting a conference call while hiding out in the bathroom, it hit me how multi-functional that room has become.

Does this look familiar to anyone else?




Image via Mai Li/Flickr

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Eques... EquestrianMom

Lmao! Thats too funny, and so true! When I want to gossip w/out my son listening/butting in on the conversations, I tell him I'm going #2 and lock myself in the bathroom :P 

celes... celestegood

Lol yeah, guilty of all of the above!

selsdd selsdd

#4 is my house!  Them boys, never get it in, where it's supposed to go.  Blech!

phdes... phdesertbunny

i use it for foods i cant put in the trash..... like old soup from fridge, soggy cereal that didnt get eaten, eggwash, exc..

Siste... SisterPeach

that's hilarious!

Sammy... SammyMama

HA HA HA!  Love this one!  When my daughter was about a year old I was picking her up off the toilet and as I flushed she grabbed a small bottle of suntan lotion that I'd (stupidly) left on the back of the toilet.  She threw it in with all her little baby force and it got flushed all the way down.  Thank goodness we have a plumbing friend b/c they literally had to take the entire toilet out of the bathroom and snake for ages to get the bottle out.  Toilet Fail!

nonmember avatar Not Supermom

Escape Capsule. A la Star Trek.

devia... deviansfight

hahahaha!  This is soooo true!!!!!

silly... sillymumof2

Was there a second pic wit this? Cuz honestly im just not getting whats so funny...:/

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