New 'Dance Moms' Cast Member Explains What The Heck She Was Thinking


dance moms lifetime It's that time again to tune into a show where extreme parenting makes you feel much better about your own lack of motivation when it comes to after-school activities. "Dance Moms" is back on Lifetime* for season two as of January 10th, with a new mom and little victim dancer. Jill, a former University of Pittsburgh cheerleader, and her daughter Kendall dance into Abby Lee Miller's studio, and if her feelings about the other moms on the show are any indication -- the sparks fly.

I asked Jill why in the world she would want to subject herself and her daughter to Miller's studio, and she did not even blink. That's a professional for you, ladies and gentlemen. Here's what new "Dance Moms" cast member Jill has to say about all this craziness.

Which other mom have you bonded with the most?

I would have to say that other than Melissa, I have bonded most with Holly rather than Christy and Kelly. Holly is very reasonable and not quick to judge, she thinks things through. I believe Holly and I have this in common. 

What did you think of the last season of "Dance Moms"?

I thought the girls were adorable last year. They were all accepting of one another and the hierarchy that Abby placed them in. It seemed that they always tried to make sure they got along. The moms on the other hand were way too intense, always unhappy, and never tried to work as a team.

And you still wanted to be on it?

Yes, I took the opportunity that was given to me and Kendall. I want to see if Abby is everything Abby says she is. I want the best training for Kendall, and I want her and I to be team players.

Are you worried about Kendall going through such intense training?

Kendall is a very smart dancer. I am not as worried about the intense training as I am about the intense atmosphere in which she will be placed.

What are your goals for Kendall?

My goal for Kendall is simple; get her the best dance training I can while she is in her formative years. With great training the sky is the limit.

Are you tuning into Dance Moms tomorrow night?

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*Full disclosure: My husband works for Lifetime

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ashja ashja

she seems as nutty as the rest...should be a great season!

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I applaud her for wanting the best and seeking out the best  for her daughter but I can't stand that show. It's on the same level as Toddler's and Tiaras to me.

suziejax suziejax

no way ... i wouldn't be wacthing it ,,, I never even heard of it 

nonmember avatar neantLier

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nonmember avatar Tiffches

I don't think Jill cares at all about Abby's reputation. She wants her child on TV. I do not think it has anything to do with learning "from the best" Would she be there if offered a place in the studio, but not on TV? I doubt it. She just needs to tell the truth instead of making up reasons. I respect the truth but not a liar

nonmember avatar Rebecca

Jill V and Melissa both are in serious need of therapy. Both would throw another child under a bus to keep their faces and daughters on TV. If Abby Miller were walking and suddenly stopped, Jill and Melissa would be in need of nose work. Perhaps Jill has already had a few procedures on the old snout,anyone recall the show when Black Patsy pushed Jill nose completely over to one side with her finger? Like Christy stated, Jill drove past the ALDC for 10 years and not once came in until the TV show.When she briefly departed the ALDC it was to an extension of the show,Cathy's Candy Apples.Jill V is a major cause of the dysfunction on the team and why Abby continues to tolerate her is beyond me. My heart goes out to Chloe, Nia, Page & Brook,the real talent of the team. They have been mentally abused on a constant basis by Miller.Melissa and Jill play a huge part in causing the conflict, all because they have a distorted view of reality.Get some therapy ladies.
Not all mothers of talented dancers act as these so called Dance Moms, not all studios allow such behavior. Most important, a normal mother would not allow the likes of Abby Miller to mis treat her child or children the way she has treated Chloe, Page, Brook & Nia. I would have removed my children and slapped her with a lawsuit before I ended up slapping her into the middle of next month. Bravo Kelly Hyland, you rock!

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