Death and the Circle of Life

sunset lionThe original Lion King DVD reruns in my house make me dizzy. But the film's underlying message about the "circle of life" has found its way into many discussions between myself and my older son. I use the concept to talk about the interconnectedness of all living things, but especially to have preliminary talk about death.


In the past year, my son's become death obsessed: Mommy, I killed that bug. Mama, do you think a tiger would kill a lion? Old people die, you know. Playing pirate with his brother: Ahh, you're dead!!!

I hope and pray that a conversation with my son specifically about  the death of a loved one is a very, very long time off. But, I'm reminded that death is the most unpredictable part of life. Early this week, a young teacher in my son's school died suddenly. My boy wasn't made aware, but had he been I'm sure I would have explained the tragedy as part of the the circle of life. Someone died, but sweetheart, someone else was born.

Have you had a talk about death with your child?

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