Creepy Naked Guy Doesn't Belong in Ad for Kids' Clothing


La Redoute adI love European clothing for children. It always looks so fresh and fun without being overly trendy or trashy. Somehow they know how to make kids look like kids without plastering Barney or Dora all over everything. But French children's clothing company La Redoute, recently made a major faux pas.

In an advertisement for its boys' clothing there was a big, glaring oversight. Big as in there was a fully naked man -- penis visible and all -- in the background of one of their ads (see photo WITH NUDITY after the jump). Quelle embarrassment!

La Redoute

Yep, can't miss that now, can you? But somehow this company did. I know the French are a lot more open with nudity than we are here in the States, but this has even outraged them.

The company has offered an apology and took down the picture from its website, but still there's not much they can do about the print catalog that was distributed. And how exactly does something like this happen? My skeptical side says they knew exactly what they were doing and it was a ploy for publicity, but I don't want to think a company targeted toward kids would do such a thing.

Also, this company's track record isn't so good when it comes to details. Users have pointed out that one shirt from the company proclaims "Enjoy holydays" instead of "Enjoy holidays." So maybe they are just that sloppy, which is scary.

It would almost be funny if there weren't children involved. But since there are then it just becomes too creepy to even laugh about.

Would you be shocked to see something like this on a website selling children's clothing?

Image via YouTube

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PonyC... PonyChaser

Stupid, but not "creepy". Like you said, this happened in France. Public nudity on beaches - as I understand, since I've never been there - is pretty accepted.

Should someone have caught it? Yes. I would think they wouldn't want anyone in the picture that wasn't authorized, since that often leads to "pay me for appearing" type lawsuits, so it points to careless to me.

But it's not like this is some pedophile getting his jollies by sneaking in a kid's picture. It's just ... sloppy work.

nonmember avatar amp it up

Gotta disagree, PonyChaser. VERY creepy.

dstou... dstoutholcomb

no one proofed the photos and noticed before publication?

sophi... sophiesmom07

I agree with PonyChaser.

nonmember avatar Mike M

"It would almost be funny if there weren't children involved. But since there are then it just becomes too creepy to even laugh about." - Why? When I was a young kid I didn't have all of the fearful and judgmental opinions towards the natural human body that adults have come to accept as being the normal and healthy way to live life in the U.S. and other repressed societies. What bothered me the most as a kid was not nudity itself but being treated by adults as though I was some fragile human being who couldn't handle the sight of a nude human body. I wanted to be treated with respect and to be given the freedom to learn about the world around me without adults behaving as though nudity would have some negative impact on my life. (Being treated as though I was an inferior being had a negative impact on my life, but nudity has not.) Besides, most animals have the same parts that humans have (though they differ somewhat from species to species), and the double standard between human nudity (which often isn't tolerated) and animal nudity (which is accepted) really bothered me because it meant to me that adults don't always think logically and consistently. (As a kid I assumed that adults only behaved according to logic, but as I have grown I have learned and come to accept that, like animals, the behavior of humans is largely influenced by our basic instincts. Fear is a big one that can lead to people behaving irrationally and/or thinking in a way that is not governed by logic.)

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

I find it hard to believe that no one noticed this before publication.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

its funny how it got past every one totally its creepy its pic to sell kids clothing its so sick.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Only Americans would get all frothed up over this.  It was sloppy, for sure, but creepy?  Not really.

Octob... Octobersmom

WTF?  The Stir bloggers aren't restricted by any site rules?  IE you can post naked people on the site yet we can't?  Hypocrites.

I am SO glad that my dd is distracted and not looking over my shoulder while I'm on the site like usual.

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