9 Types of Moms We All Want to Avoid


Parenting is not an easy job and everyone seems to have a different idea of how it needs to be done. For many moms and dads, it becomes almost impossible to have friendships with other parents because the way they parent is so different than the way you parent.

My husband and I are strict on some things -- saying please and thank you, not whining, listening to what we say -- and chill about others -- meal times, foods they eat, and playtime. This means that families who are strict about food might not like us and families who allow their children to whine or use adult words might not be liked by us. It can be hard to find people who jive.

We also hear all kinds of parenting "terms." There are "attachment parents" and "tough love" parents and everyone in between. But here are the 9 Mom Types I see most often:

  • The Secretly Judgemental One: This mom talks a great game and is all "free to be you and me" except in her extreme lack of judgment, she is actually extremely judgemental. Say a word against another mom and you are automatically cast aside as a "sanctimommy," which is silly. There ARE some things in parenting that need to be judged.
  • The "My Kid Is Always Right" One: This one thinks her child can do no wrong, and nine times out of 10, she will think her kid is in the right. On the tenth time, her kid was "over-tired, overstimulated, or hungry."
  • The Perfectionist One: This one insists that her child is in 40 enrichment programs, reads four grade levels ahead of her own, and manages to run the bake sale, work full-time at a prestigious job, weigh 120 toned pounds, and look 10 years younger than she is.
  • The One With "Gifted" Children: This one keeps insisting her child is gifted despite no evidence to back up her claim. Sure, she's "gifted" if by "gifted" she means normal.
  • The Joiner: This one is involved in everything from the bake sale to the picket line against peanuts in the lunch room. She knows everyone and supports every cause (even opposing ones). The problem, of course, is that she is always joining different things, half of which oppose one another.
  • The One Who Hates Her Kid: This one has nothing nice to say about parenting or about her child. Ever. We all say things are hard from time to time and honesty can be a great quality in a fellow mom who is in the trenches with you. But the moms who seem to hate their kids make you feel badly. Her negativity is contagious.
  • The One Who Talks: This mom always talks behind everyone's back -- "Did you hear Betsy forgot snack for her child? Did you hear Margot is getting a divorce and did you see how she rushed off to work? Only bad moms work." She thinks she is an amazing mom, but seems to forget that half of being a good parent is not being a cruel person. Unfortunately for her, she is missing the "decent human" gene.
  • The One Who Sanitizes: This mom always has her Clorox wipes at the ready. Her child has no special needs, but nothing can be too clean or too sanitized for her. You will find her looking at your kitchen counter as though she just sucked a lemon and is shaking her head in despair.
  • The One Who "Comments": This one spends WAY too much time trolling Internet chat rooms, blogs, and Facebook to actually be spending as much time with her kids as she says. Still, she is almost always a better mom than you. It's totally uncanny and also totally untrue. 

Which parent "type" do you not like?


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nonmember avatar Christian Mom

Honestly, Sasha, aren't we all sort of a composite of all of those "types"? There are elements of all of those in me. Some I'm very aware of and try my best to put down, and some I'm sure I'm not so aware of. No one is perfect, no matter how hard we try.

jessi... jessicasmom1

:-) Thanks for the stereotypes LOL 

calash calash

I have personal experience with #2, "my kid is always right"....I feel bad for the kid, this does  the child no good and makes other people not want to be around this kid..................and it's not the kids fault!!

sweet... sweet.lil.mama

I'm a "Sanitizer" idc if people think I'm crazy for cleaning my kid a lot or making sure he doesn't put anything gross in his mouth. And I disinfect my kitchen and bathroom and handles and lightswitches daily...like it's that difficult?? It takes 5 mins

nonmember avatar Christian Mom

@sweet.lil.mama, I'm curious... do your kids get sick less than other kids?

nonmember avatar Jenera

I would agree with Christian Mom that we are all guilty of displaying each of these 'types' but I think it's normal. The key is to realize we're being goofy and knock it off before someone realizes it lol.

nonmember avatar JustAMom

Personally, I'm a big fan of the "Erma Bombeck" type mom...laid back, sense of humor, doesn't try to keep up with Supermom next door, isn't going to freak out if her kid kisses the dog, and isn't ashamed to admit she once fantasized about leaving her kids at the next rest stop when they've been kicking the seat and fighting for the past 50 miles, lol. That's the kind of mom I strive to be, and definitely the type of mom I'd love to have as a friend...someone who's a great parent, but can easily laugh at themselves and life in general. These kind of moms make great friends and confidants too...you can tell them anything without judgement.

Eques... EquestrianMom

I have a hard time dealing with the moms who's kids can never be dirty. Especially when they come to visit me, I mean, I run a horse stable, theres dirt (and poop!) here, always. So don't bring your little girl for a play date in her best princess dress and toddler heels, and spend the date following her around and reminding her to stay out of the dirt! LMAO! 

tinyp... tinypossum

The only ones I can't deal with are the sanctimommies who are better than everyone at everything and the checked-out mommies who don't give a rats ass what their kids are up to. Other than that, I live and let live. 

white... whitebreads

The ridiculously radical new school hippies that try and make you feel bad because you are vaccinating. These moms can keep their germ bags away from my kid.

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