Crazy Tooth Pulling Stunt Is a Classic Big Brother Move (VIDEO)


tooth pulling with nerf gunFolks, we have reached critical mass in my household. The kiddo has her third loose tooth, but as much as all that wiggling makes her Daddy gag, she's refusing to bite the bullet and let me yank it. In my desperation, I have turned to YouTube, treasure trove of all ideas weird and weirder. And I may have found the craziest tooth-pulling trick yet.

You think tying the tooth to a doorknob and slamming it shut is kooky? Try tying the offending incisor to a Nerf gun ... and shooting it across the room!

The first video of a big brother doing the deed for his little sister left me in stitches. He looks so gleeful, she looks terrified, and yet ... willing to give it a go. It's one of those odd sibling bonding moments that you only understand if you have a brother yourself. And I do. In fact, I could so see my (now in his 20s) brother doing this for my daughter:

And if that didn't make you want to run out to the shed and get your kid's toy gun to try it, get this: this is a verified trend. Well, verified by the "related videos" on YouTube. There are literally dozens on there with other kids tying off their tooth and letting it fly and a few more with kids who attached their chompers to a toy truck, then let it be pulled away.

Ouch! I'm not sure whether to applaud them for their ingenuity or grasp my jaw in pain. But I'm tempted to show my daughter if only to say, "Hey, you're lucky I just want to use a wet washcloth and my fingers!"

How do you pull teeth in your house? Do you have something that will top the Nerf gun?


Image via YouTube

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Asilee Asilee


writi... writingafwife

I can see my kids doing this in about 4 years...ha ha ha

Sidthe Sidthe

I can totally see my older cousin doing this to well any of us...he was the only boy in a group of 5 he was careful but us girls got rough and tumble pretty quick...

super... superchick_47

Yeah, that looks like something my brother and I would have concocted... except we probably would have tried it out on our younger cousin. I love her reaction on this, though! So far, my oldest has only lost one tooth... and she pulled it herself, no problem. She's definitely my daughter, lol. I used to LIKE pulling my own teeth... I was a weird kid. :)

irish... irishstarz

As awesome as that is, here will be no teeth-pulling in my House. They come out when they are ready. My bio father pulled my teeth out with pliers when I was a kid, and I don't mean when they were loose enough to wiggle with my tongue. Traumatic doesn't even begin to describe it.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

XD I love that Mom (or Dad, I don't know...I'm watching without sound!) got it on tape. What an awesome thing to be able to show them in 20 years! We did the normal teeth pulling when I was a kid, no creativity here.

@irishstarz - Not many kids have that kind of patience just to wait. When I was a kid, that constant wiggle-wiggle of a loose tooth drove me nuts after awhile. I just wanted to pull it out and get it over with! :P

onefo... onefootcutiepie

ha! That was cute! Only a sibling could convince a kid to do that! I love how he takes her at the end to go show her :)

scrap... scrappycraftyga

My granddaughter just lost her second, first time we were in walmart and she kept wiggling my husband said let me see, he pulls it out..and a second later..she realizes its gone..and she did that kind of sound..well the second one we were at home the other night and i heard them downstairs and i waited...then up the stairs came her bouncing in and saying look..another now the third one is loose...waiting to stunts to make her do anything like she would not have it!! cute video though..nerf gun..LOL...i could see my nephew trying to do that with her and her backing up and yelling no

hilla... hillary819

I can totally see my brother doing this!

nonmember avatar Liz

Ha ha ha! NMy brother didn't do this to me, but my father did something similar. First tooth I ever lost, my dad tied a piece of string to my tooth and then tied the other end of the string to a door handle. Then he slammed the door shut. It worked, but as soon as I looked in the mirror and saw blood I had a complete melt down lol. Fun times!

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