Easy, Non-Ugly Holiday Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Aside from a very brief flirtation with scrapbooking a year ago, I wouldn't say I'm a very crafty person. In fact, I not-so-secretly hate everything that goes into working on crafts—especially the kind you're supposed do with your kids.

I know, I know, it makes me sound horrible and Grinchlike, but, well, I have two rambunctious boys who are about as well-suited for a messy, complicated craft as a bull is for a china shop. Most craft activities I've attempted with my kids have ended up requiring a colossal cleanup job, on top of the fact that they lost interest in the whole thing after about 2.5 minutes.

If you also tend to avoid the growing plethora of Martha-Stewarty handmade projects on the web, don't let the word "crafts" up there in the title freak you out. Take a look at these 5 super-easy, super-fun, non-expensive, non-crazymaking, non-hideous holiday activities that I swear will not ruin your day—trust me, I wouldn't recommend any other kind.


Melted crayon ornaments and gift cards

Oh my gosh, this is such a cute idea. All you really need is a pile of busted-up crayons and some holiday silicone molds, and you've got a fun, easy, NON-MESSY, adorable-results holiday activity on your hands, and the results are perfect! Love it, love it, love it.

Nativity blocks

Nativity sets aren't really my thing, but if they're
your thing, check out this fun craft from I Am Momma's site. The super-short version is that you take some existing wooden blocks, apply nativity-themed stickers, then coat with Modge Podge, resulting in a kid-friendly scene that can actually be played with. You know, unlike the family heirloom ceramic version you're always defending from nosy little hands while shouting, "For the millionth time, I said do NOT throw the baby Jesus!"

Eggshell ornaments

I have seen all sorts of insanely cool Christmas egg ornament crafts on the web (I mean, check these out), but most seem far too delicate and complex for children. Or 37-year-olds with limited artistic abilities and a decided lack of patience. (Hi!) This egg craft idea is a little more sane, but still very pretty, and you could obviously make it even more simple for little kids by sticking to the tried-and-true Easter dyes in holiday-themed colors.

Mitten garland

This garland looks amazing, and it sounds like the perfect project to work on with kids. It can be hung with with wire or string, and you just thread on whatever buttons and mismatched mittens you have on hand. In this photo, holly sprig are also tucked inside each mitten.

Holiday potato stamps

Who doesn't love potato stamps? Kids can use these to create awesome custom holiday cards or wrapping paper, and all you need are some potatoes and some Christmas cookie cutters. Either use the cookie cutter to trace a design on your potato then cut around it to create the outward-facing stamp, or take the easy route and just cut out a slice of potato like it's a sugar cookie. (Sadly, they don't taste nearly as good.)

Do you have any holiday crafts you like to do with your kids? Share in the comments!

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