Fab Stocking Stuffers for Kids: 10 Under $10

stocking stuffers under $10Those stockings aren't going to stuff themselves, everybody! While you may wish you could rely on Santa to get the job done, sometimes you have to take care of Christmas business yourself. Stocking stuffers should be small gifts, nothing that's going to break the bank because you've got an entire sock to fill up before the kids wake up the next morning.

Inexpensive, however, does not mean cheap. There are super fun stocking stuffers you can buy for under $10 that will last longer than the trip to the 99-cent store. Which is also what you were thinking of doing at the last minute, right?

Here are 10 fabulous stocking stuffers for kids, $10 and under.


Little Miss and Mr. Books

Whether you favor Little Miss Sunshine or Mr. Happy, you can grab a couple of the books from this series since they're only $3.99 apiece.

stocking stuffers under $10Iwako Sushi on Cutting Board Novelty Eraser Set

For your hip kids, pack sushi in their stocking and they can also impress their friends when they pull out one of these six erasers ($5.75) during a test.

stocking stuffers under $10Ickee Stickeez

Recommended by the Toy Guy himself, Ickee Stickeez ($1.25) are oogy, sticky, hilarious fun in a ball. You can slip one in the stocking or collect 24 to create an Ikee Stickeez habitat.

stocking stuffers under $10Smurfette Eau de Toilette Spray

Let's assume you already got The Smurfs movie and Smurfs Christmas Carol on Blu-ray (you did, right?). Then your little fan of blue is going to want to take it all the way with Smurfette Eau de Toilette ($9.99). The boys have their own Papa Smurf cologne as well. Seriously.

stocking stuffers under $10Laser Finger Beams

As long as you enforce a "not on mommy's face" rule, these lasers on fingers are sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Plus, you get 4 for $3.68. Nice.

stocking stuffers under $10Natural Crayon Rocks

Using all natural materials, these crayon rocks ($5.50) come in nine colors for a rainbow of fun.

stocking stuffers under $10DaGeDar Balls

In case your kids aren't addicted yet to this steel-ball center racing game, you can give them a two-pack of DaGeDar balls for only $9.04. Another recommendation of TimetoPlayMag.com’s Toy Guy, of course they'll be begging for more and more tracks. Let's hope Santa also provided those.

stocking stuffers under $10Automoblox Mini C9-p Sportscar

Automoblox makes a smooth sports car, and this mini ($9.99) in a variety of colors is the perfect fancy car toy for the discerning kid on your Santa's list.

stocking stuffers under $10Splash Pops Sponge

Your kids will also want to jump into the bath when they find a splash pop sponge ($6.95) stuffed up in their stocking. That's what you call a bonus gift!

stocking stuffers under $10Magnetic Chess Set

Now your kids can learn chess on the go with this magnetic chess set ($5.97). And fewer tiny pieces rolling under the furniture!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers that don't break the bank?

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