6 Non-Toxic Gifts for Kids of Natural Minded Mamas

Clara Paper DollsThere's nothing like the holidays to make you want to simultaneously pull out your hair and huddle under the covers with your kids for a week. Shopping for gifts for the kids can turn into an assault on all the senses with all those noisy toys and plastic bits. How about a simpler approach to presents this year?

Employ the guiding principles of natural parenting to your shopping list, and watch the stress melt away. Here are some quick fixes for natural mamas who need to kick-start their holiday shopping:


Clara Paper Dolls; $6 -- Cupcakes for Clara

I remember paper dolls, but I don't remember them looking this ridiculously cute -- do you? Printed on hardy card stock that can be recycled after they've been thoroughly loved, and packaged in a biodegradable cornstarch bag, these little dolls offer a new adventure every day.

Ed Toy Fire Engine

EdToy MagnaMobiles Fire Engine; $24.99 -- PeaPods

It's a fire engine unlike any they've ever seen, which will make them the coolest little firefighter-wannabe on the block. The pieces of this wooden truck come apart and go back together using magnet technology.

peg dolls

Family of Wooden Peg Dolls; $5 -- I Used to Be a Tree

I can't say enough about wooden peg dolls. They're free of creepy chemicals, for one, but can you really find a better springboard for the imagination? Let your kiddos paint these any which way they want, and after that, there are still hours of play left as they use the dolls to create any scene they want.

Natural Paints

Clementine Natural Paints; $13.99 -- Clementine Art

The perfect pairing for the dolls above or any little crafter, these creamy tempura paints are free of chemical dyes to keep your artist safe. Even better: they're washable. Let the creativity flow!

The Littlest Evergreen

The Littlest Evergreen by Henry Cole; $11.55 -- Amazon

Can you really ever go wrong with some children's books for your children? The rare Christmas book that makes sense for year-round reading, this is the story of a different kind of Christmas tree -- one that never dies. Although it comes into the house, it's nurtured and kept alive by a family before being returned to the forest. A sweet tale for kids about how to sustain the resources of our Earth.

Keeki Pure and Simple

Keeki Pure & Simple Glow in the Dark Nail Polish; $9.99 -- Sears

Stocking stuffer alert! A water-based non-toxic nail polish will provide plenty of fun on Christmas night. Especially when you turn off the lights and try to spot your kiddo in the dark by the way their nails glow!

What's on your list for your kiddos?

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