10 Fun Holiday Crafts for Kids

making playdoughEverybody loves a homemade gift, especially grandparents and other family members. And if you can carve out the time, making crafts with your kids is a gratifying way to spend some holiday time together. The gifts can be pretty simple -- no one expects a masterpiece from kids. But it's more fun if they can come up with something unique and meaningful, too. 

Now that it's December (eek!), it's time to get started on those handmade stocking stuffers and presents. Check out these 10 fun projects to make with your kids!

  1. Vintage Book E-Reader Cover. If someone you know is getting an iPad or a Kindle -- or even if they already have one -- this is a fun, cool project. Take a vintage, hard-back book around the same size and turn it into a funky cover.
  2. Felt Door Organizer. You'll need a sewing machine for this one, unless you're very patient and capable with needle and thread. But this super-simple and super-useful organizer can help a loved one keep track of odds and ends and hangs off a doorknob, not taking up any extra room at all.
  3. Photo Snowglobes. This is an adorable project from Gabrielle Blair -- one of our featured columnists. It's a great idea if you're trying to come up with something for everyone in your family.
  4. Peppermint Lip Balm. This makes a sweet stocking stuffer, a little something to keep your loved ones' lips protected through the harsh, dry winter. 
  5. Gratitude Wrap. Fill this cloth package with thank-you notes, or greeting cards to last the year, or even photographs or notes on your favorite memories with the recipient. Especially nice for grandparents!
  6. Matchbox Gifts. We don't have to tell you that Martha Stewart has a bajillion fun, easy crafts for kids. Here's one of our favorites: Make little gifts out of matchboxes and then slip in something tiny and sentimental.
  7. Kid Art Magnets. This is the kind of drawing that stays on the refrigerator -- refrigerator clip magnets decorated with your kids' drawings.
  8. Crazy Crayons. This is a great way to use up old, stubby bits of broken crayons. Melt them into new, swirled crayons for cousins!
  9. Play dough. This is another fun gift for cousins or siblings. This recipe includes some cooking, but they also include a no-cook recipe for play dough. For extra fun, add some glitter as a last step!
  10. Pomander Ball. Finally, an oldie but goodie. Do you remember making pomander balls -- fragrant oranges studded in cloves and covered in spices -- as a kid? They're pretty easy to make and they smell like Christmas!


Image via marissa_strniste/Flickr

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