Quick-Thinking 11-Year-Old Saves Sister From Kidnapper (VIDEO)


jonah and brooklyn yanoIf you've been wondering whether or not to sign your kid up for jiu-jitsu classes ... do it! Eleven-year-old Jonah Yano of Honolulu's years of jiu-jitsu practice must have had something to do with his ability to save 9-year-old sister Brooklyn from a suspected kidnapper. Either that, or the kid is some kind of superhero (maybe both).

Especially considering the attempted kidnapping involved a moving vehicle. Jonah and Brooklyn were sitting in their dad Jay's truck, which was parked right in front of their house. Jay started the engine -- he was planning to take the kids to work with him that day, the day after Thanksgiving -- then walked around to the back of the truck.

That's when he spotted a strange man making his way across the street.

Before Jay even knew what was happening, his truck began rolling forward. When he ran around to the driver's side and opened the door, he must've gotten the shock of his life -- times two ...

Not only was the strange man sitting at the wheel, 11-year-old Jonah had the man pinned down! The 35-year-old man!

"I just grabbed his shoulder and started punching his face, telling him to get out of the truck," says Jonah.

Jonah's quick thinking gave his dad just enough time to pull the man out of the truck. Naturally he took off like a shot, but Jay (who sounds like something of a superhero himself) was able to catch up with the man a couple of blocks away and hold him down until police arrived.

Did I mention Jonah and Brooklyn are completely adorable? Just watch ...

So clearly Jonah inherited some kind of serious prize fighting genes from Jay, but the jiu-jitsu lessons? I still think they're a pretty good idea.

Does your child take any kind of self-defense classes?

Image via YouTube

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tiny_... tiny_mama

The video doesn't work... which is kind of diappointing. :(

kryst... krystaldawn_21

I will be putting myself and my children in self defense classes. I think its very important to be able to defend yourself.

Jessica Moseley

I watched the video on youtube. I loved it! Such a loving family. I'm proud of that little boy! My husband and myself have already talked about putting our kids in Jiu Jitsu lessons.

JHanc968 JHanc968


GlowW... GlowWorm889

Was it really a kidnapping or a car jacking? Because taking off with the car in broad daylight while Dad was about five feet away tells me he probably didn't count on kids being the car and was trying to make a slick getaway with the nice truck. Not to mention a stranger abduction of two children at once with a parent so close by? Sounds more like a car jacking to me.

frysh... fryshannon34

That is awesome! My duaghters are going to start taking karate classes in February we will see how that works out:)

phant... phantomphan

that's a great story.

and really? someone has to nit-pick at what kind of crime it was?  does it make that boy any less brave?   did he save himself and his sister any  less? 

Jason... JasonsMom2007

That made me cry.  Way to go kid!  My son is in kung fu but he's only 4 so I don't think he could do that yet LOL

north... northcarolinama

my 7yr son has been in Japanese Style Ju-jitsu since he was 2yrs and now he takes both Ju-jitsu and Hapkido. But it does help that his daddy is one of the instructors. ;o)

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