Military Dad Gives Daughter Surprise of Her Life at School (VIDEO)


military homecomingHere's a great way to start your week, though you better be sure you're wearing waterproof mascara or have some tissues nearby, because it will melt your heart. It's another military homecoming, but it's one of the sweetest I've seen yet.

This one takes place in a school. A young girl, Alexis, who appears to be in grade school, is reading a report to her classmates, when someone walks into the room. She glances up, then back at her paper before doing one of the best double-takes you've ever seen. Then she melts into a big emotional puddle of happiness and runs into her father's arms.

The post on YouTube says Alexis had no idea her daddy was home from Afghanistan. Then after lunch, there he was. Talk about the surprise of a lifetime.

My husband is not in the military, but he travels a fair amount both overseas and domestically for work. It's tough on my children when he's gone, and I love seeing how excited they get each time he returns. I can only imagine how the emotions of the reunion are amplified when a soldier is gone for months and months at a time and under such dangerous circumstances.

I hope Alexis got an A on her report and that they let her take the rest of the day off to spend with her dad.

What's the longest you or your spouse have been away from your children? What was the reunion like?

Image via YouTube

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momka... momkaribg

How Awesome.

daerc... daerca574

I love these kinds of stories!!

Linda Guinnip

I know how this one feels. My husband was in the U.S. Army for 4yrs. and he was deployed twice. The 1st time he came home really early in the morning. My mother stayed at the house with the kids and I went and picked him up. I was so excited and happy when I finally was able to find him in the crowd I tackled him. The 2nd time we all picked him up and my 2 oldest tackled him that time. LOL! It was awesome!!

Lovel... LovelyLAH

My family and I just dug out and watched a 20something year old vhs of my older sister in pre-school when my dad came home after serving in Saudi Arabia for 6 months. It was so heart melting! She was 2 or 3 years old and she saw him walk into her classroom and instantly started balling. She appeared to be in shock because all she could do was cry, my mom said she was like that for at least a half hour! 

glam.... glam.fairy

This stuff always makes me bawl!

nonmember avatar Candace kelly

My husband was gone for 10 months back in 2004. Our youngest was not even 2 when he left. His biggest worry was that she was going to forget him while he was gone. Luckily, that wasn't the case! She carried a pic of the two of them together while he was gone. Then the day she finally saw him, after 10 months in Iraq, was...."That's my daddy, That's my daddy"! It was awesome!

Steph... Steph1499

Cry everytime I see one of these videos.  

peffe... pefferswife

my husband/father of my children has done two tous in Iraq the first one 15 months the second 12 months. He didnt meet our first born until she was about 4 months old and only met our second born for 3 days and left for another 6 months *(she was born on r&r) I am happy to say that our third born he was home for and has not deployed since he was born. he has not been home since Nov 2009! Very exciting. Needless to say anything like this story touches my heart, knowing exatly how that little girl must feel. This also goes to show the military members are not the only ones leaving people behind to make this country a better place so we should respect all the working men and woman around the US :) <3


These vids always make me tear up. How sweet. My husband used to travel a lot for work, up to 3 weeks at a time, but my son was too little to really know because he was an infant. It was really hard on me, but nowhere near what wives and children or our troops face.

mille... millerbunch

aww this always makes me tear up :)


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