5 Gifts That Bring the Whole Family Together

family gifts for holidaysRather than retiring to your corners after ripping open all the holiday packages, why not focus on getting gifts that everyone in the family can enjoy together. Sure iPhones are fun (and crazy expensive!), but don't overlook those games that truly capture the spirit of the holiday season.

Here are 5 gifts that bring the whole family together and keep everyone in the clan entertained all winter long.



Buoy Bat

A new kid is in town and it's a bat made from lobster buoys, making it eco-friendly and family-friendly as well. The Buoy Bat and ball ($35) is extra large for teaching kids how to get a hit and satisfying for everyone as the aerodynamic ball flies through the air, but not hard enough to give anyone a post-holiday injury. Dare we say, you could even play ball in the house?

family gifts for holidays

SpongeBob's Kitchen Mission Cookbook

You know your family has always wanted to whip up a batch of Krabby Pattys, and the SpongeBob's Kitchen Mission Cookbook ($11.43) will show you and your kiddos how to make everything from the infamous pattys to Banana Dogs (of course this was Patrick's recipe -- of course!). Have your own competition as each member of the fam takes on a favorite character and their stash of recipes.

family gifts for holidaysKinect: Disneyland Adventures

Much less expensive than going to Disneyland, and much less stressful, the Disneyland Adventures Kinect game ($49.99) literally puts you right in the middle of the park. Walk around the Sleeping Beauty Castle and realize they haven't missed one single detail, then hop on the Peter Pan ride and fly through London. Really. Yes, it's amazing for every single member of the family.

family gifts for holidaysNew York Graffiti Puzzle

The family that sprays together ... Keep your edge even as you become a parent with this spray can full of puzzle. Perfect for indoor family time, you can all pretend to be street while putting together this New York Graffiti Puzzle ($15). Your kids will finally think you're cool instead of a fuddy duddy puzzle wiz.

family gifts for holidaysTable Tennis

You don't need an entire sports complex to get your game on. Pick up this Table Top Ping Pong game ($15) that works on any table of any size. Yes, it's old school. And that's just one thing that makes this slam, bam game of skill for all ages amazing.

What family games do you play together?


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