Kate Gosselin's Car Safety Mistake Put Her Child in Great Danger


underneath carSurprise, surprise -- people are attacking a celebrity parent. Again. Kate Gosselin has been getting major flack lately because while picking her kids up from the bus, one of them crawled UNDER the car to retrieve a piece of paper that blew beneath. Kate was at the wheel and oblivious to the situation.

Yeah. I know. It sounds much ado about nothing, right? But actually, there is something majorly wrong with this situation ...

A child climbing under a vehicle? Never, ever, ever should happen. Ever. Unless the car is off, in park, emergency brake on, and the adult is right there with the child, watching them the whole time. (Let's face it, sometimes stuff you need falls under the car.) It kind of tells me maybe she hasn't taken the time to teach her kids about safety around vehicles? We're not just talking about on knees, an arm under the car either, but literally ALL the way under. Check out the photo. YIKES.

Besides, with a bunch of cars moving around, pulling in and out, KidsandCars.org founder Janette Fennell voices my thoughts when she said Kate should have been out of the driver's seat, supervising. I know with one kid in a parking lot I'm especially careful, but eight? Yeah.

Not to mention, even if she herself wasn't a risk to her kiddo (let's pretend for the sake of argument she knew he was under the car), other drivers in car pick-up lines might not be watching for your kids. Check out this graphic from KidsandCars.org also that shows the blind spots of an average pick-up:

That's pretty significant! Let's not forget also that kids are short, and Kate's vehicle is very tall. That adds plenty of blind spots, too. Sadly, many kids get hurt in parking lots and in accidents around cars moving at even very slow speeds all the time.

So, while I'm not always huge on the "celebrity bashing" bandwagon (I prefer to praise them when they do things right!), this is one time where I've got to agree with the torches and pitchforks. Dangerous, bad move there.

Do you think Kate was in the wrong? Does that freak out out?


Images via Ken Wilcox/Flickr; KidsandCars.org

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momav... momavanessa

Isn't she always in the wrong!!

Littl... LittleManMama

Ok. She isn't my favorite person. But kids don't always follow the rules and lessons that we've taught them so I don't think it's fair to say she hasnt taken the time to teach her kids this lesson.

nonmember avatar Christy

I usually try not to judge celebs parenting skills either because I know I wouldn't want my own parenting journey to be picked apart and examines under a microscope. This is actually the first I hearing about this one. While I agree with a previous commentor that kids have a knack or doing things no matter hoe many times you tell then not to and stress how dangerous it is. I also have to agree that a simple act of putting the car in park, shutting it off and getting out to help her kids load up would have been a much wiser choice.

PonyC... PonyChaser

People are acting like she was sitting in the driver's seat, engine in "drive", with her foot on the gas pedal, ready to stomp on it and peel away. Look at the picture... her daughter is standing in an open car door, as her son is squiggling out from under the car. I'm guessing that the car was in park, probably off. I don't see a big deal...

and further, why is it Kate's fault? IF she didn't know he was under there, and IF she couldn't see him, the PHOTOGRAPHER certainly could!!! Why didn't he/she say anything instead of standing there snapping away? Who does that? I see a child in potential trouble, I act to stop it, I don't whip out my camera and think, "ooh, now I have evidence, I'm gonna get this bad mom in trouble!" Honestly, this is where our society has gone. Sick.

nonmember avatar Jice

I agree with pony chaser, the photographer saws more worried about getting a story than the safety of the child, so what does that make the photographer? An irresponsible adult maybe? This is such a non issue, I'm sure Kate has taught her kids proper car safety, but kids don't always do everything their parent tells them to.

BigMo... BigMommaJesca

It has never occurred to me to teach my kids not to do this.  Hell, I've probably said "Hey, can you get under there and grab that?  I can't fit," on one or more occasions.  Fact is, Kate was not about to drive off while the kid was under the car.  The doors are wide open.  Whether she can see her kids or not, she can see the doors, and isn't about to drive off while they're still clearly not secured.  And the kid likely knew that his mom wasn't about to drive off without him in the car, making that particular car safe to crawl under for 5 seconds.

I gotta disagree with you on this one.  Is it THE SAFEST thing a kid can do?  Naw.  But I think "great danger" is a helluvan overreaction.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she probably wasn't even in the car yet.  Keeping track of 8 kids piling into or out of a car has to be difficult.

That said, *i* never get in the car until my kids are buckled, and *they* never get out until I do.  It wasn't something I'd ever thought of, until a few years ago, a local boy's legs were broken when a woman backed over him in a parking lot - he'd fallen, and she couldn't see him, and mom was distracted loading the younger sister into the car.  No bueno!

bether89 bether89

Kids are so unpredictable and as moms we deal with all kinds of situations every day.  I feel bad for Kate that people are looking for something wrong that she has done.  I am glad that the photographer is not following me around looking for my mistakes.  That  photographer saw what was happening and did nothing should be ashamed of himself.

Chalon King

OMG! Like that time Britney tripped with her baby! Lets all judge a single mother who is overwhelmed!

Sol W. Soto-Deller

Parents aren't allowed out of their cars at our carpool pickup lane in our school district. The kids have to be able to get in and out by themselves and have to be capable of getting their seat belts/car seat harnesses on themselves.

That aside, in the photo you see the other child standing by the car with the door open. I don't think she was ready to drive away. We also have no idea whether or not she knew her son was under the car. She very likely could have known. We aren't perfect parents. And I know if we all had a camera on us 24-7 we would have a lot of people judging us during moments, sometimes worse than this one.

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