Candy Tampering Makes Halloween a Lot Less Fun

Remember back when we were little and our moms made us x-ray our candy before we could eat it? Mom had clearly read about the razors and needles in Halloween candy. I thought she was nuts, but it turns out? I was wrong. She was right.

In Dayton, Ohio (where I grew up, in fact), a mom actually DID find a needle in her daughter's Halloween candy bar this past week. Pretty darn terrifying. Scary enough, in fact, to make me want to eat all my kids' Halloween candy just to keep them safe. Yep, I am altruistic like that.

In all seriousness, it's scary, though it's unclear whether it was tampered with or came that way.


Either way, there is something so sinister about the idea of a person purposely trying to hurt a child. Personally, I am hoping it happened during manufacturing.

Even still, it never occurs to me anymore to check kids' candy. Sure, I don't let them eat something that comes obviously opened. My daughter got a paper bag of gummy bears I made her throw out on Halloween. But generally I kind of just let them eat.

I refuse to believe the world is that cruel. Why would anybody intentionally hurt a child who was innocently trying to have a good time on Halloween? It's just too scary to think of the world that way, and if I did, I would never let my kids do anything.

The needle got there accidentally. That's my story and I am sticking to it. There is just no reason a person would do such a horrific thing. I remember being scared Halloween night and thinking there were far worse things than ghosts and goblins afoot. It wasn't a fair way to feel, especially since some say it was an urban legend to begin with.

A story like this makes the news because it preys on our worst fears. But millions of children trick-or-treated last Monday night and only one had a needle. What does that tell you?

Do you check your kids' candy?



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